Feeling Tightly Wound...

The wee black dog of my anxiety/depression/whatever has been nipping at my heels lately. I'm thinking its the "holding pattern" I'm in. I can't really make new things for the house because we are moving. The move, however, is not progressing right now so I'm feeling stuck. Work is good, nothing has happened to annoy me yet and I'm not pissing them off so its status quo there too.

With no channel for my nervous energy, its turning inward and that's bad. Also not great for this is the "must not spend any money because of new house bills" thing I've been doing. The nervous energy is building up because I'm not letting it expend.

This is why therapists and doctors recommend exercise - you get rid of it and you can sleep, and the best healing happens when you sleep. For me, physical exercise just makes that energy worse. Running makes my adrenaline spike, which leads to more not sleeping. So I go with the general going out and doing things.So this week I discovered a new podcast, one the I actually don't want to bypass segments and "skip to the end", and I had a walk around town, earbuds firmly in my ear.

I wandered in and out of charity shops, rummaging in all the old vinyl and surprisingly found a firm favorite. I've spoken before about music that speaks to me but I did miss one. Like Creep, since first hearing it on Top Of The Pops, I've been a big fan of Cornflake Girl. I love it and now I have the 7", I had a nice walk in the (admittedly cold) sunshine, and I barely contained giggling along with my podcast. More importantly, for a few hours that nervous tension had more of a chance to ease and slip away than they do when I watch trash tv, or curl up in the tub with a book. It works better for me

What do you guys do to unwind?

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