Reading List V

Books of March...

No Julius Caesar or roman inspired reading this month, despite the Ides. It has, however, all been non-fiction. Starting with Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking. Continuing on from the themes in her TED talk, Amanda talks about her life, art, self confidence and self doubt and all the bits in between. As someone creative, with a very ... odd... relationship with self confidence when it comes to my art and relationships with people it was so wonderful to read words by someone I view as pretty damn together in all those areas, but who really wasn't & still sometimes isn't but isn't afraid to ask, and to take the damn donuts, the flowers, whatever someone is offering. You are giving, so don't be scared to take. There are bits of this book that are post-it marked as bits to read when I might need it. Even if you think you don't have a connection with her, or her form of art, if you are at all creative it is worth a read.

More in the realm of inspiration comes from We Bought a Zoo. I picked up a copy of Benjamin Mee's book while we were at Dartmoor Zoo, Again, truly inspirational, and as Benjamin says
"All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage and great things will happen"
The book isn't just the story of buying the Zoo. Benjanimn's wife Katherine died just after they moved into the zoo, while renovations were going on to enable the re-opening. It' not just the story of the slightly bonkers idea the family had to move into a large country house were the sitting tenants would happy have their children as a mid-morning snack, but also of how the whole thing got them through a really horrific time in life. When a pack of wolves, some tiger siblings and an escapist jaguar are dependant on you for survival, you can't give up. And yes, twenty seconds of courage can change everything for the better. I'm really looking forward to Benjamin's new book, detailing how they crowdfunded it becoming a charity,  which is due for publishing soon. 

Blog love... 

I properly loved Vix's post on why she'll never make it on youtube, made me smile and resonated with me. I have friends who YouTube and its great, but the nightmares that having to look at and edit a video of me talking to camera would give me, it ain't ever going to happen! Ok maybe not never, never say never, but I can't see it happening. Sorry guys, I'm with Vix.

I also really liked Becky's take on the whole "unfollow" issue. It's OK to unfollow, I completely agree, but too many people see it as personal thing. To be totally honest and truthful, I see a post or something that appeals, I'll follow - be it twitter, instagram, bloglovin or whatever. If I find myself passing by 90% of your content, its obviously just not my cup of tea. Nothing personal, the same as if I don't buy that top I pick up in the shop after trying it on. I tried it, but it's just not my style. Nothing personal against you. It's so refreshing to see someone else call out the people who whinge about it. Some people just need to realise that there are 8 billion people in the world, not everyone can be on the same wavelength as you. It's ok to decide something or someone isn't a great fit for you. 

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