Wild wood in my kitchen

One thing with planning a move is he sudden realisation of just how much stuff you really have. I always thought I was good at keeping stuff to a minimum, but alas it seems I've just been really REALLY good at Tetris. So far we are down about 5 big sacks of stuff and still going. But this is not decluttering 101 - This is what I've been doing with the things I'm keeping.  Mainly my wooden spoons and chopping boards.

I've always collected kitchen stuff, in multiples, and as much as moving is a great excuse to get more, its probably better (certainly more frugal) to rework what I've already got . I started with the chopping boards, as a sort of test run, as to how it would all work.

They turned out ok, but in the cold light of the next day, the colour could be deeper. So for the utensils, I went with two, sometimes three coats of paint as well as doubling up on the varnish layers (just in case)

Paint wise it was just normal artists acrylic (courtesy of Tiger) and the varnish was Decopatch Aquapro, which the internet tells me is suitable. It seems to be doing the job fine. We don't have a dishwasher, so I wouldn't trust they'd hold up to that, but Mr O's hand washing seems to keep them happy.

Looking forward to my new kitchen even more now!

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