Embroidery Hoop Display

For years as a kid Mr O collected badges. While some have made their way onto our TV cover, but that wasn't a solution for all of them. Those enamel pin ones especially, can't have those backs scratching the TV. He was keeping them on old hat's and things but in our decluttering we realised they needed to go, and a new solution needed to be found. 

Enter the embroidery hoop. My pinterest feed is always popping up something new and fun done with these things, and it dawned on my that it would be the perfect way to display the badges.

So, all you need for this is a hoop, fabric to fit it and your badges. My hoop is an 8 inch job, as I wanted to have enough room to be able to add to the collection. Fabric wise I wanted something that had a pattern, but nothing too bold and would go with the decor. This fabric was sitting in my stash, a Kirstie Allsopp print that was a magazine freebie, and I figured the colours would work. 

It really is as simple as you think it is. Stretch the fabric over the inner circle then secure the outer over it using the screw. Once you have a smooth fabric front, pin on the badges however you want. Trim the excess fabric and hang on the wall. Admire.

It really is that simple and It looks pretty damn good. It needs either a few more badges or another pin in the wall to level the weight a bit, but I'm moving soon so I will fix that when it gets rehung. I really like it thou, and not just because its got rid of Mr O's smelly childhood hats. 

How do you guys display your collections?? 

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