Tube-tastic - The Avengers : Age of Ultron

It's no surprise to anyone that I am a massive fan of anything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Coming off the back of a Binge watch of Daredevil, me and him trundled off to watch Age of Ultron last weekend.

There are so many spoilers around for this movie, so I am going to try and do a spoiler-free review. That said..

There were a few things I did note, First in reference to Daredevil, some reviews I read complained that you saw very little of the greater New York area, skyline etc. There are reasons for this, to keep a few things a surprise. Not big things, little things. Had they kept back Daredevil just to keep the surprise, people would be disappointed it was only small, if they let it go, it wouldn't have been an "oh cool" moment in the movie. Hopefully in season two we will see a bit more of greater New York and not just Hells Kitchen - but for the movie I get the reasons and it worked well.

Secondly - the twins. For the non-comic fans there are issues here. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in the Avengers, sure. They are also, in canon, the children of Magneto from X-men. Marvel are FAB at mixing up the universe, people appear all over (as do things like the infinity stones) and now they are Marvel Studios its working well for them. However Sony, not Marvel own x-men. I think its that, and time constraints, that mean we don't get an awful lot about the twins. Parents are dead, died when they were little. For us geeks we are thinking maybe mum and Stepdad if they ever get back X-men, but no real further need to mention them. The names aren't mentioned at all, they are called the twins, the enhanced, or just by him/her/brother/sister with only a few exceptions. Sony and Marvel came to an agreement over the use of the characters, and I now see how that is going to work long term. Part of me isn't happy but I do get it. 

Otherwise, the major failing of Ultron is the time constraints. As I said, coming off the back of Daredevil, which felt like a 10 hour movie, it seemed in places a little lacking in character development, thou this was mostly for the twins. A lot of the time spent on it was spent for Barton, and I get a much better idea of Hawkeye because of it. But with regards the others, a few throwaway lines for Thor, Tony and Cap on what they've been u to. Black Widow and Hulk wise I think some stuff was cut, as to me who likes the whole story it seemed bits were missing in both characters arc (for example: those who've seen it, explain the lullaby, if indeed I missed it). There were chunks of the story that felt like something a bit less action packed, and yes overall not essential for the overall story, had been cut for time. This is understandable, the first cut was apparently over 3 hours long.

All those things taken into account, Ultron is an enjoyable addition to the universe. It has all the things you expect from an MCU film, lots of familiar faces and a general good lark. I'm just hoping for a directors cut. 

Oh and by the way, contrary to reports there is a credit scene,  Joss Whedon is a big far liar.

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