Tube-tastic - Netflix' Daredevil

In the spirit of perfect truth I have to admit a soft spot for the often called dreadful Daredevil Movie. As way of defense, I've only ever watched the Directors Cut which is cited as superior, but still, I have to express my bias that going in, I was predisposed to like this. See also my need to gaze on Charlie Cox.

I'm currently three episodes in and so far, I'm loving it. We've had a bit of Matt Murdock's back story - his relationship with his dad, how he lost his sight etc - and a few hints at things to come. The story is firmly set in the established Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been hints at other heroes, and the after affects of the Battle of New York (from The Avengers) are central to the situation surrounding all the events.

Charlie Cox is exceptional as Matt Murdock - I fully believe the voice for a start, and I'm good with voices. I ruined Kiss The Girls for myself within a minute because I clocked Cary Elwes' tone under the southern drawl - only a few times have I even realized that Matt Murdock and Tristan Thorne are the same guy. We've only had a glimpse of Kingpin so far, but even that is enough to tell that Vincent D'Onofrio is going to scare me just the right amount, as any good villain needs to.

I really like the way they made us wait to see Winston Fisk. It is believable that while Matt has been fighting for a long time, but that hes fairly new to the seedy dark underbelly, which is a good place to start the show from. When you start from that point, so comes the idea that he isn't going to figure out who's running the underworld in five seconds. That kind of info only comes once you've seen enough to realise there is something going on, and never without a price. Which is how it plays out and it's better for it. 

Daredevil has the grittiness of DC's Arrow, but there is no doubt in style and tone it is the Marvel universe (even without the references to prior events). It is beyond any doubt miles better than the Ben Affleck Movie, and it is also beyond any doubt that I am hooked! If I could convince Mr O to let me watch them without him, well lets just say there'd be no sleep 'till Hells Kitchen. 

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