Yesterday at Lush Oxford Street...

So, a bit of history first. Way back when Lush was only 2 years old, I'd been living in Ireland making my own silly facemasks with things like mashed banana, and dyeing my hair with henna from the health food shop. My mum was in London and I went to visit her, "You've got to see this shop I found" she tells me, "they have facemasks like you make." An addiction was born.

I've known, like most addicts, this store was coming for a while, and as luck would have it opening day way my day off. In a cruel twist of fate that was because I was working the day of the VIP launch, which I could have gone to, so that sucked. Still, I rocked up with a few friends, including Sophie and Phil to see the doors open yesterday. Oxford Street is officially the the largest Lush store in the world right now, and does it do that title justice!

We actually did see them open too, making it to the store in time to join the queue. Mark and Mo Constantine were there to open up, along with a few of the other people us fans were, well, going all fangirl over. You can actually see me in a few of the many videos of the opening on youtube (striped top, red cardigan), making a beeline for Mark the minute I'm in the door. If theres one thing I do well its fangirl.

Drew, Mark, Me and Jen, going in for the hug.

The store is HUGE. I was told they have over 206 exclusive products for oxford street. Some (like a revamp of the makeup range *swoon*) are things I think/hope are going to be rolled out everywhere, but they've also got candles, new body sprays, HUGE bottles and jars and loads of new bath bits of course. I went .. urm.... a wee bit insane and bought everything. I might be incapable of buying anything else for the rest of the month - and this was on payday. Pretty much picked up one of everything I thought I'd use. Might have been in there for at least 3 hours.

I have plans to convert that canvas bag into something very very cool, and maybe a few reviews if you guys are interested (let me know in the comments) but in the meantime, check out Sophie's tour and haul, and ALL of Phil's many vids from both days for lots of info. I swear that boy brought one of everything - his bag was so heavy it had to have stretched his arms.

 Enjoy the little photo gallery below and , and if there is anything you spot, either in pics or in my haul that you want to more about and I'll make sure to cover in. I'm off for a nice long soak in the tub...


  1. This store just looks the highlight of any lushies day!! I must go sometimes :D Gisforgingers xx

  2. It is beautiful! I'm heading back at the end of the month for more goodies, thou hopefully I will spend less than 3 hours in there this time. Doubt it, but I can dream