How to line a canvas tote bag

My addiction to canvas tote bags is nearly as extreme as my necklaces, but then I am a stylish lady. In the summer they are my go-to bag for trekking everything around. They have a drawback or two thou, or at least my current ones do. I like a thick canvas, a bright lining and pockets. Nothing currently fit that criteria. So I resolved to fix that with my latest acquisition.

I had some of the lovely striped fabric I used on the computer chair, which as luck would have it is also double sided (or rather I cant tell which is which) meaning I wouldn't need to line my pocket.

First things first, work out the size of the bag you want to line. For me, that involved tracing around the bag on my big paper roll, cutting out the pieces and making sure they fit into the bag snuggly. I decided because of the nature of the striped fabric, to add in the seam allowances when I cut the fabric, as the size matched up lovely with the stripes. I also allowed extra at the top so I could get a neat fold/edge on that too.

I cut one long piece for the front, bottom and back, and two sides, which matched the way the original bag was made. Once pinned, I started sewing. The lining itself was fairly easy, the hard part was making sure it was the right size.

Once I was happy it was, time for the pocket. Again, it was fairly simple. Decide on your fabric, measure and cut it. Then double fold and stitch/hem the four sides. Sew three sides onto the lining and voila! If you want to add a zipped opening it's a little harder but not much.

Once you have cut the fabric, generously double fold the edge you want the zip on. Sew on the zip, using the generous fold to hide the teeth of the zip. Then double fold and hem the other three sides, Then, place the other side of the zip onto the lining, with the pocket flapped up (so the sewn edge ends up inside the pocket) and sew. Then stitch the other three sides as you would normally.

Pop your finished lining inside the bag. Fold the raw edges in, so they aren't visible, and stitch as close to the edge as you can. There you have it, one fabulous lined canvas bag, complete with zippered pocket.

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