Reading List VI

April's Books...

Back to fiction this month. I loved reading As You Wish, which is the story of the making of the Princess Bride, as told by Cary Elwes (aka Westley). There are lots of really fun anecdotes and stories about the production, including how Andre The Giant could drink a marching band under the table, and why it's a bad plan to drive an ATV for a laugh when you are the most important person on set. The Princess Bride has always been one of my favourite films, and I really loved reading this book. A must for any fan of the film, as is reading the original book itself!

Good reading was also provided by a re-read of Side Jobs, which is a collection of short stories from my beloved Dresden Files. Short stories are perfect for ten minute sit downs in the sun/on the bus/on the train, as you get the whole tale from start to finish.

Blog Love...


This month's been an odd one, there's been a wee bit of obsession on the Lush Opening, reading everyone's posts and watching vids and so on. That said I've liked a lot of the posts from A Beautiful Mess. The DIY's are always good, but it's been good this month to see Elsie's home and Emma's home with all the DIY's proudly being used. A lot of the time I see stuff made on Blogs and wonder if they get used or are just made for a post, but I like that these guys do a use the stuff that they come up with. Worth a check out, as is the April Fool's vid they made!!

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