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One of the major things with any move is wondering where on earth everything is going to go. When it is your own place, rather than a rental, it also becomes how will everything go in. For us, this is a weighted issue, not only because I really love open shelving, but because the new place is terminally lacking in built in storage. As in, kitchen units aside, there is none.

So I keep looking for pretty, simple storage ideas and things I wouldn't mind being on display. On a recent wander around Brighton before work I came across Workshop.

I've been a big fan of Reading My Tea Leaves, or rather specifically Erin's approach to her tiny apartment for a while, and regularly lust after some of the pretty things that pop up in her week in objects post. Workshop is full of similar stuff, and while not everything in the shop is entirely my taste, I do like the ethic - Products created with care and craftsmanship using materials that stand the test of time. It fits perfectly with how I feel about things.

Although not all my taste, it is all lovely stuff, and I could see myself using it in the right space. I think I'm a bit biased, or rather I'm blinkered by thinking of space I'm looking to fill, as my brain can't see it all suiting - for instance the enamel milk jar is gorgeous, but much more farmhouse than my personal lifestyle.

I really like all the natural bristle brushes, wooden boards and baskets, those are very much on my list for when I finally get to decorate (got to move in first!). I already have a very similar blanket to the ones they sell, otherwise they would definitely be on the list too. They have some gorgeous mason jar lights (that my phone just would not photograph) and a few other nice bits like recycled glass glasses, but the real thing that got me was the enamel ware.

I love a good spoon, but stainless steel drives me bloody bonkers in all things - it never stays bloody shiny. And wood is great, dont get me wrong I especially love my funked up, colourful wooden spoons. Sometimes thou, a girl needs a bit of metal, and these enamel utensils are lovely. The beech breadboard that you can see at the side of the photo below, as well as the soup ladle and slotted spoon, are things that will need to be in my new kitchen. If you like simple yet beautiful kitchen utensils this is NOT the place to go if you are trying to reign in an addiction. 

When I finally take the spending breaks off, when the movers have packed up and gone, there are going to be a lot of home posts, be it things we've fixed, made, bought, or things we are hoping some kind soul decides we deserve as a housewarming. Workshop will be featuring pretty high on that list - If you're in Brighton I recommend a look

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