How to do a housewarming in the summer..

One of the things I've been most looking forward to this summer is the odd beautiful sunny day BBQ, more so because I have great images in my head of the new lovely big garden , filled with all the people I have bullied into helping us who have helped us move house. I love a good BBQ, one day I dream to have a fire-pit type one (like below) and be able to do hot dogs on open flames and all that stuff. Its a lovely way to have good food & good drinking with good friends.

As far as housewarming parties go, I find they fall into two categories. The party you have once everything is unpacked and settled - the one that is invariably attached to some other event like christmas or a birthday. The other one, the one just after you move in, everything is still a total mess and everyone turns up with drinks, willing to lend a hand (and maybe survey the wreck you've managed to buy) and generally is more about the good food/drinks/friends thing.  So, if you are moving in suitable weather, a BBQ is an excellent way to go. I saw this article by the guys at Volition Removals and it seems they agree. From my viewpoint its simple -for starters, usually the kitchen is a bombsite, and who wants to deal with that? In our case its also condemned so even more of a no-go area. If you have the space, a BBQ can be set up in only a few moments in the garden, disposable tableware is more than expected and people are expected to sit outside on the lawn. If you don't have a garden, I've known people use the driveway!

Food wise, there are always burgers and sausages. Unless you are me that is, someone who has to go a little bit further (and tastier). Marinated meats, like the lovely Honey Soy Chicken kebabs over at Volition Removals article, are great. The idea of kebabs skewers are good too, although I like to dice the bits and let people assemble their own.

Marinaded meats are where I think its when it comes it easy BBQ's, as you can get them at the butcher, stick them in the sauce and then cook on command.  Below are two of my favourite, no fuss marinades. All you need is container and a spoon. Oh... and the meat to put it on.

Grandma's BBQ Sauce.  
My gran & I invented this one BBQ when she realised she was out of Lea & Perrins. Mix 2 parts Ketchup, 1 part Soy Sauce and 1 part Lea & Perrins, Slather ont and let sit for at least an hour before cooking. Great as a glaze on sausages. 
My Asian Chilli Chicken 
2 parts Hoisin & Sweet chilli sauce and 1 part honey. Again, give the meat at least an hour in the marinade before cooking. 
    No mess, no fuss and easy as pie. Both of these marinades I will pop on the meat in the morning and just forget about until I need to cook. Add nice bread, coleslaw (grilled halloumi and olives if you're feeling fancy) and liberally sprinkle with and Pimms, and you are done. If you can convince a guest into running the BBQ because you are "tired from moving boxes", you have it made. A BBQ that is a step up from the normal fare, but with minimal effort. Not that anyone needs to know that last bit.

     It's set to be great BBQ weather this weekend, so even if you aren't moving house, give these a try.

    ****Written in collaboration with Volition Removals

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