So, quite soon after I got back from China it became obvious that something had to give, & sadly it turned out this was it - putting together something decent for the blog that didn't revolve around the fact my anxiety was through the roof, that my physical health was also in the toilet due to the stress, whilst also juggling work, the absolutelyshittinghorrific house buying shenanigans, and all my other commitments. So I decided to take a break, regroup and get my act together. This decision was also helped by the fact that my laptop decided that it was an opportune moment to stop allowing me to use certain keys. Really crucial ones. Because I really needed that. 0 is a key you can really afford to lose [/sarcasm].

So I took some time to deal, regroup, rewatch all 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother and generally just look after myself. I got myself relaxed at the spa, some new new toys, some sunshine, and just generally better.

Oh and a lovely new layout. What do you think guys??

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