Brighton Bloggers #asdaMEATup

Oh wow, so last Thursday I finally attended my first blogger event. Asda and Talented Talkers put on an absolutely spanking BBQ spread for some lovely south coast bloggers (including yours truly) in honor of National Burger day.

We were picked up at Brighton station by the fan bright yellow Lemon Bus, which I'm sure if you've been to Brighton you'll have seen it. Usually it is for uni students but Thursday it was our party bus. We were taken out to the most lovely house, and thankfully the rain stopped so we could sit out in the garden.

Asda provided some fantastic BBQ options, which sadly I could not manage to stuff in my mouth. They all looked like they needed to be in my mouth, proving to me that they actually did taste as good as they looked. On the grill we had BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers, Vintage cheddar beef burgers with bacon, mayo, relish and salad. Aside from the burgers, we had Halloumi burger with red pepper, houmous, aubergine, lettuce and tomato, Lemon & honey sea bass, Barbequed salmon with cucumber yoghurt. There was also Eton Mess and Fruit Salad for sweet, but I was caked out with all the birthday events here last week so I stuck to the grill.

Drinks were flowing freely, and of course lovely. It was a BBQ so Pimms and Beer where pretty much and essential, and happily in abundance. There was also a really nice gin and elderflower cocktail which looked really nice and refreshing, and might have to be copied for my next party. For me it was all about the Pimms. Food wise I of course binged on the greek salad, but from the grill I had a cheese and bacon burger, some salmon and the OMG amazing pulled pork burger. It was so good that I did actually make Mr O stop at asda and pick some up for us at home. The lovely guys behind the event sent us the recipe sheets too so I know that for the Pulled Pork Burgers all I need is on top of the burgers and buns are BBQ sauce and Coleslaw. Apparently the tip is to grill the buns as well as the burgers so that it holds together properly.

But, the fabulous burger below aside,  the event was a really great way to meet up with some other bloggers. Not so great for my ever bulging bloglovin feed, but good anyway. I spent most time talking to the lovely James and Leigh, who've just started Burgerface, well it was national burger day after all.  Also the lovely Hazel JanePippaAmy and many others who's blogs I haven't seen before but I'm enjoying the new reading material.

Thanks to Talented Talkers and Asda for the gorgeous food and fab night out. Oh, and the happy additions to my recipe repertoire.


  1. Such a fab event, I had so much fun but it went by so quickly! I was gutted that I didn't feel hungry enough to try out more of the food (I only had one of the beef burgers, but it was delish!) xx

  2. It was our first event too! Sorry our paths didn't cross at this one - too much eating to do! Maybe next time:)