Crashing waves of sound

August is a bad time of year for me in terms of feeling happy. But whatever, its also a great time to get outside, get warm to your bones and enjoy the sunshine. Even from the shade I love looking out at the sun, especially at the beach and over the water, and just chill. But a good soundtrack is essential. If you follow my instagram or twitter my love of a good "soundtrack of the day" isn't going to be much of a surprise.

There is something about getting totally lost in music (especially when combined with either a warm breeze or a driving sea wind) that really clears my hyperactive brain and makes me feel relaxed. That sense when you get totally lost in a crescendo of instruments and layered vocals. Of course it has to be so loud it blocks out every other sense - really bad for my ears but it's not proper food for the soul otherwise. It's like meditation, but with headphones.
It's not just about the lyrics, and of course mad noise isn't what works, It needs to build. I'm not saying that loud, angry stuff isn't perfect sometimes. We all have those songs - the ones that allow us to scream it out in a socially acceptable way. What I'm talking about now is the ones you feel you NEED loud, that end too soon, just as they have you toe tapping, head dancing or singing your heart out as it gets to the big blow out finish, that build you up to that moment, Where you find some spiral of melody in the mix that you follow you get lost in and find that you are able to just breathe.

I'm sure when you think about it you have at least one or two you can think of straight away. The best thing about these is we all have more than we think, which is great because sometimes they can hit you right out of nowhere just when you need it. That random show you netflix'd because you felt like a duvet day will suddenly have one on the soundtrack, or shuffle will plug it into your ears. It might be a total deviation from your normal musical choice, but there is something about it that works.

I'm sure you have your own playlist like this if you think about it, but currently mine looks alittle like this.

Tell me if you want to go home - Keira Knightly. It needs to be this version. Hailee Steinfeld on guitar is just amazing, I just disappear into the reeling guitar. The bass comes across almost guttural as it fades out  at the end, which just speaks to me

End Credits - Chase and Status. I adore all the layers of strings/guitar in this, and as melancholic as the lyrics are to some, I find them uplifting. Not my usual thing at all, but after watching Harry Brown and hearing this in the credits I loved it - I think again it comes down to the layers of instruments, curling your arround over and over. Currently on the list because Dad liked this too (I think it was the south London connection).

This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars. Admittedly this is 80% down to that video. I have 100% geek, and as well as being able to get totally lost in the chorus, it reminds me of how I get lost in those books.

Say (all I need) - OneRepublic. I get lost in the chorus and words, then (its at 3 minutes in the video) it hits. A wall of layers of melody that just fills my head. This was one of those ones that shuffle gave me one day, just as I needed it. Actually, there is usually a OneRepublic track on these playlists for me, lots of layers of production to get lost in.

A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World. The Middle seems to be the obvious one people go for as a pick-me-up-my-life-seems-crap song. For me its a praise chorus. I can't hear the opening beat without smiling, or not sing along with "our house in the middle of the street...."

What's on yours??

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