Friday Night with Scented Songs

Friday night I was lucky enough to be at a "Scented Songs" session at Lush in Brighton. If you have no idea what that is, it is basically where musicians play songs that invoke in them the same emotions and feelings that the Lush Perfumes do. As far as I know, until Friday they had only been at the Gorilla Perfume shop in Islington, so it was a special thing for it to be in Brighton. Adding to the amazing event were Bluebird Tea Company, who provided tea that also matched in with the perfume.

I like a bit of tea now and again, although I am more of a coffee person. Bluebird are slowly changing that in me (but more on that to come soon I'm thinking. Those guys deserve their own post). My love for Lush, and the perfumes, is pretty much matter of public record. Add to those two some good music, and I'm there.

The evening started with some fab spoken-word poetry by my lovely friend Emily, and then there were two lovely sets from Hatton Manor, and my other lovely friend Sophie McCann. Perfumes were being passed around during the songs on matching things, tea was circulating. It was a bit like a gig and a tea part in one.

Hatton Manor are Hannah and Matt (see what they did there?) and their set was mostly original material of theirs. I enjoy their stuff, its Hannah's amazing vocals matched simply with Matt on guitar. Their EP is out next week, but I was lucky enough to get a sneaky copy Friday night and it might be living in the player! They matched their tunes with Breath of God, Sun, Death and Decay, Smugglers Soul and The Bug. A lot of smokey, almost incense like smells. Except Sun, which was a cover of Red Hot Chilli Peppers' "Can't Stop". That actually gives you a real impression of their music actually, it does kind of work both ways.

The "Sun" perfume was used to scent some pebbles from Brighton Beach, which we were encouraged to take home.
Tea wise, for that set, Bluebird paired some lovely tea blends - the only ones I actually tried were Mocha Chai and Nearly Nirvana. The Nearly Nirvana was paired with Death and Decay. The perfume is a heady and intensely floral, and the tea was a white tea with Jasmine and Peppermint. The Mocha Chai, was exactly what it sounds like, Chai, Coffee and Cocoa. That one was paired with Smugglers' soul, which is a rich sandalwood.

Sophie had a few really lovely original songs in her set ( these are going to be put on her youtube channel. Seriously guys subscribe!! ) and some fab country covers. Again, it was just her and a guitar (sometimes played by her, sometimes by her OH Steve) but wow, does that girl know how to belt them out. If you've listened to her youtube you know what I mean. In her set the covers were Paparazzi (paired with the "toffee apple" like Love), Gunpowder and Lead (Death and Decay again), Before He Cheats (with Karma, which is Orange and Patchouli) and Jolene.

Jolene, paired with the smokey jasmine/sandalwood Sikkim Girls, and Bluebird's Cherry Bakewell tea. That tea was fab, not too sweet, a great blend of white tea, fruit and florals. Gorilla Perfume also handed out little samples of Sikkim Girls, which was awesome (and mean I now have a tiny one to carry along with my uber bottle).

It really was a totally different way to listen to music, accompanied by tastes and scent that worked with the music. If you have the chance to make it to a scented songs, I would recommend it, even if only to listen to a song or two just for the experience. Of course it goes without saying, seeing Hatton Manor and/or Sophie do a gig is always worth it anyway!

One song, which was actually inspired by a perfume inspired by CCTV, was used to scent this large brick, Very surreal.

What is your favourite perfume, and can you think of a taste or song that would go with it?

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