Packing 101

It's been time to pack up my worldly belongings here. It went down to the wire, went past, and we ended up not even being sure we were moving until the day we got the keys. But it happened, we now own a home. Much panic, not helped by the (very understandable, I'm not complaining at all just saying) problems we had getting anywhere that last week, following the plane crash. My commute turned into a mammoth daily struggle. I LOVE coach drivers who are nice and give me lifts because there are no buses.

Anyhoo, packing. How I managed to fit so much stuff into this place I don't know.
  1. Use stretch wrap for regular shaped items. with regular/similar shaped items, pop them in bundles, and wrap with stretch wrap. I have loads of little bundles of books, DVD's and so on, that are easy to carry and move about. With books especially this is handy as they can weigh so much! Also good for holding closed pretty storage boxes for the move.
  2. Use funky tape. Not to be stylish you understand but to be able to see from a distance where that box needs to go. Stripy tape for the front room, polka dots for the bedroom and so on. On that note...
  3. Mark the boxes with an inventory. It doesn't have to be exact if you aren't up for that, but even just a general one will be handier than its given credit for. Especially if you are doing some reno work when you move it. Boxes can remain sealed if you know that in that box isn't the little thing you've been looking for in one of the kitchen boxes.
  4. Some things will have to be packed last minute. It's different for everyone but for us, the things we ended up unpacking included the hot water bottle as it turned cold. Think about the things you don't need until you need them. Invariably you will need them after you pack them.
  5. Keep something you truly love out. When we moved in the previous owners left all their junk and looking at it all was a gut punch. After tidying a place to make tea I made a little still life with our new coffee pot, a celebratory bottle of fizz and some favourite mugs. Seeing the pretty little thing in the corner of the room cheered me up. A photo or something similar could do the same. 
We are now in, ish, and busy making it home. Photos will follow soon I promise. 

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