Brewdog Brighton - An Equity Punks' Guide

Finally, after a VERY long wait, we poor deprived people on the south coast got our very own Brewdog Bar. It has been a LONG time coming, but luckily for us, being Craft Beer Loving Equity Punks, we had a little bit of a shorter wait than most of Brighton, as we were invited to the soft opening. Well, I say soft opening but really I mean exclusive shareholder event. Oh yeah, I'm that punk haha.

The bar itself is located where the old Blind Tiger Club was, just near the Royal Pavilion. Not too far from my bus route home, but off the hen & stag trails, so that is a definite plus. Turning up on Thursday Mr O tooled up in his branded t-shirt and jacket, which had I a say I would have veto'd but I got no choice and to be fair, he wasn't the only one kitted out in Brewdog's finest.

Everyone seemed to be a shareholder, so after getting checked off the list and let in, we were treated to a free drink - any of what Brewdog call the headliners. These are the ones you see in Tesco and the like, Punk IPA, Five AM Saint etc. But that was by no means the only perk of the night, later on once it got going small samples of the newest brew were distributed to everyone for a toast to the new bar. It was a nice touch, everyone in the bar owns a small part of the company and it reinforced that idea.

Its not all about the beer, they have a nice kitchen as well. A few days later we went in for my birthday and had nibbles, beer and a round of Cards Against Humanity. Oh yes, its one of those bars, my kind, the kind with board games.

Beer wise though, there are the usual options - lager, stout and the IPA. Mostly Brewdog but there are beers from guest Breweries on draft and bottled. As well as beer cocktails, the drinks menu is supplemented with Wines and the odd spirit. However part of the expansion plan is a distillery so more in the way of spirits might be coming. For the non-drinker there is also Nanny State, the alcohol-free beer as well as the usual suspects. I know, alcohol free beer is usually gross, but honestly, Nanny State is in a whole different league.

Quite possibly the best thing in the bar is the button. If you have me on twitter you might have seen me get VERY excited over the button when I saw it on Thursday. Connected to a light over the booth, it lets the bar staff know you are ready for the next round so they can come over and get your order. Booth or not, its easy to set up a tab, but don't worry some drunk isn't going to go up and say "put it on X tab", they give you a little card so they can check (that is if they don't recognise you). It is very easy to get carried away with it thou, especially mid game.

No matter the drawbacks, it is still a nice change not having to go up to the bar, and the button just makes it a bit more fun.

Brewdog are known for stunts, especially when launching something new, and the Brighton opening is no different. They love a bit of theatre, and taxidermy, and for Brighton they took good old fashioned seaside tradition. The donkey ride.

The #taxidermytaxi was running Friday and Saturday. The idea was you could tweet using the hashtag and they might come and collect you and you could get a ride to the bar on the donkey. The rest of the time she was in the bar, ready and waiting for stupid selfie opportunities. I asked if she would be living in the bar long term (Edinburgh has a stuffed deer head that serves beer) and they weren't sure but I really hope it will be.

Overall I'm more than a little impressed with the bar, hopefully it will stay on my list of places to go out in Brighton. Not least because of the button, and the need to hug the donkey often.

What's your favourite place to hang out?

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