One room down, two to go (with a little help from George at Asda)

Just around the time we finally got our hands on the keys to our new flat, the lovely folks from George at Asda invited me to take part in their #thatssewgeorge campaign. Talk about serendipity!

As it turned out the flat, I don't think, had not been cleaned since we put in our offer so we've had to spend the last few weeks completely gutting it. The first room I wanted to get totally sorted was the bedroom thou, after all sleep is about resting right? I find it totally impossible to relax around mess so it had to be done. As you can see it wasn't going to be easy, I mean look at what a state! It was so bad I could barely face taking the photos I did.
before we started gutting everything. Even the carpets were rotten and had to be removed.
I dreamed of a really simple room, white walls and the like, but that boring so obviously I wanted some pattern. I get bored very easily so any pattern and colour was going to be in the duvet. Luckily George had me covered. Their range of bedding has some fab patterns, and it was really hard to choose. Part of me really wanted an amazing unicorn patterned one that seems to have disappeared now, but right now it was all about my restful bedroom. All my bedroom accessories at the moment are a little retro (obviously) and coming into winter I was thinking something northern and snugly, so I went with the tundra animals.

The idea of #thatssewgeorge is obviously sewing, so as well as the (frankly lovely and snugly on my bed) duvet set for me, there was also one for cutting up and making stuff. I've had my eye on this pattern for a laundry bag from the Great British Sewing Bee, which needs two meters of fabric, and cutting up a duvet to do it seemed like a good option to get that reasonably. I always find it really annoying that duvet sets only have two matching pillowcases anyway, so getting two extra and all the fabric I needed for around the same price as the fabric itself would set me back was a good deal. Plus I kinda fancied the idea of a matching laundry bag.

At least that was the idea. Turns out there is a truckload of fabric in a duvet cover. And the pattern was just so pretty I had to use it to cover my bedroom chair. Yes, its not upholstery weight fabric, but like I said I get bored so it will last until I feel the urge to change it again.
we still need to paint the doors but its looking so much better!! not least because of my lovely duvet.

Some of the prints in the new collection are proper lovely, and a nice print fabric can be at the very least £4.99 a meter. The duvet I got was £14, and way, way more than 3 meters of fabric. I got my laundry bag, my chair, and more than enough fabric to make something else matching should I be inspired again. In the meantime I'm surrounded by seals and reindeer, snug as a bug, and without all of Mr O's smelly socks all over the floor. Impressed by George at Asda prints? Oh yes. Impressed by duvet's as fabric, definately. Do it again... most certainly.

In fact, let me have another look at those patterns, I think I have an idea.

*I was sent my duvets by Asda in return for cutting them up and making something. Other than that, all opinions are my own* 

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