20 Things I love about my new flat

1 - Only one room decorated, tools/boxes of tiles everywhere and all sorts of madness, and I can still lay on the floor, open my table all the way out and so on. ITS SO BIG!

2 - I'm 10 minutes walk from the centre of town, yet kids play football in the street.

3 - The Co-Op is one minute down the road.

4 - Central heating. Literally 9 years without it, I'm now back in glorious warm heaven.

5 - No old lady downstairs complaining about my alarm going off/me walking around at 6.30am.

6 - This view, which coincidentally is the end of my road.

7 - The Cinema (only 15 minutes away) is not only walking distance, it has really comfy seats and we can get evening tickets for 6.50.

8 - The Cinema also does Meerkat movies.

9 - It is so quiet at night I feel so rested. Seriously, my insomnia isn't nearly as bad now.

10 - My bathtub is amazing. It feels like I'm swimming

11 - Speaking of.. there is a pool 5 minutes away.

12 - I have my own wardrobe. Entirely mine. No husband making it a mess with his clothes.

13 - My new neighbours are really lovely.

14 - I pick nice paint colours. The one I have to paint the hallway is beautiful, but you'll see soon enough!

15 - I now have a dedicated desk nook, which is one step closer to having an actual office.

16 -  When we put stuff on the walls IT STAYS THERE! The old place they had a habit of falling off.

17 - I now have windows that face directions other than south, and they don't have streetlights right outside.

18 - Open plan kitchens means I can bake and still feel like I'm spending the evening with the husband.

19 - The shared back garden is the size of a park, and has an apple tree in it (that no one was picking!)

20 - It's mine.

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