All I want for Christmas ... 2015 edition

It's that time of year again! Christmas shopping is starting, or if you are one of the many smug gits early birds like me its in full swing.

As per usual, shopping has been balanced with getting distracted by pretty things I want. So, as is now becoming habit, I present these for anyone needing inspiration. Especially if that inspiration is for what gift to buy me.

  1. Cold Brew Tea Bottle £22. As I said on a trip to Bluebird tea I tried some cold brewed tea, so of course I need a bottle so I can make my own. It was amazing and my new found tea obsession obviously needs more feeding.
  2. Studio Ghibli inspired earrings £8.70. I'm always on the lookout for ghibli goodies and these gorgeous stud earrings on etsy fit the bill perfectly. Only a whole set of three will do.
  3. How I Met My Neighbour t-shirt £12. They actually do this amazing mash-up shirt for all, and even on bags, But it has got to be a shirt for me. Now I just need a yellow umbrella and a catbus!
  4. Otter Necklace £9. Another etsy beauty, and a must for all otter lovers. Actually they are Brighton based sellers called Owl and Otter, and I also have my eye on this otter clock for my front room.
  5. Explorer Tote bag £209. It's big enough for everything, its leather and its needed by me! I love my canvas tote bags but, as can be attested by the amount of times I've hung my bag on my shoulder underneath my coat, I need a water-resistant bag for the winter. Actually this is England, I need one full stop.
  6. Little Earthquakes Vinyl £15.99. I love this album nearly as much as I love my new record player, and now it has been remastered and re-issued on vinyl, the two need to meet. 'Nuff said really.
  7. A Scare at Bedtime, The Complete Collection £8.49. If you have never seen an episode of A Scare at Bedtime, you've missed something great. It was a dark and twisted little show, only 10 minutes or so long, that was on RTE (Irish state TV) while I was a kid. It is on youtube, and its also on DVD. Something put it in my head the other day and I found it on Amazon, but I'm banned from buying anything that can be a potential Christmas pressie until after Christmas. I might have to break that rule for this thou, Nothing better to watch before bed haha!! 

So thats my list, or at least part of it. Vouchers - iTunes, Lush, Bluebird Tea and Amazon (for my kindle) are of course ALWAYS welcome. That's me though, so tell me, whats on your Christmas list this year?? 

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