Autumn Days with Bluebird Tea

Recently I decided to try and expand my tea horizons. Usually, I'll have the odd cup, but I'm not a fan of bulk standard "builders tea". I'm much more of a coffee person, but that isn't great for my jitters or my stress levels. Anyway, after experiencing some of the awesome tea at the Scented Songs event, and given that I'm doing a lot of DIY, I figured I needed an answer to "cuppa?" that didn't involve a caffeine overdose.

Like I said, I'm not a PG tips girl, and while my mum was into her herbal teas, they just lacked a depth of flavour. Dad drank coffee and that is how I got the taste - and his coffee had depth. The man would drink espresso like it was Nescafe! I liked the teas Bluebird Tea served up at the gig, so I made a visit down there to get me some tea.

Bluebird tea use a blend of tea's (white, black, green etc) with various other ingredients to create the kind of tea I could get a taste for. Deep and complex flavours, not needing anything added, just the wonderfulness they've created. Bluebird have over 70 blends in their shop in the North Laine area of Brighton, both as loose leaf and some of the most popular blends are available  in tea bags. I got a mix of both, as I already have a lovely little tea-house that I use for my mum's tea when she visits, but if you are gadget-less don't feel shy - they got you covered. On the gadget side though, I am completely intrigued by some of the more exotic looking ones they have available in the shop for tea brewing. During the move I needed a new kettle, and treated myself to one of those fancy ones that does multi temperature, so I'm sure more gadgets are on their way.

Back to the tea. I picked up a fair few. Mocha Chai  is like a blend of the best hot drinks - spicy hot chocolate, tea and coffee. I tried this with and without milk, the former being a favourite. The ginger in the blend leaves a lovely warmth on the top of my mouth. which I found was a little less with the milk. I guess I'm a without milk girl. Its a deep tea, week coffee, with the slight sweetness of cocoa, not to mention the oh so lovely warmth of ginger and cardamon working overtime. Mmmmm, a definite possible coffee replacement!

The other definate game-changer is the Cherry Bakewell.  Lovely warm, but its also sensational cold brewed, I tried it in the store when I picked up my latest batch of tea and I loved it. Either way its not as in-your-face cherry as you would imagine. Think more subtle flavours, the hint of fruit and almond peaking out of the white tea. A firm favourite with both me and our friend Danielle who's been helping us paint.

Another favourite with the DIY crew has been the Nearly Nirvana. This one I got in teabags, and was so popular, before I realised it I was down to a single teabag because everyone else had been supping at it!  A lovely blend of green and whte tea, with sweet citrus hints of orange and the zest hit of the spearmint that makes your mouth tingle just the right amount.. mmm... might have to brew a cup now thinking of it.

Last on the selection list was Nuts About You, A bit out there as I'm not the nuttiest person. Or should I say not into nutty flavours as much, but this one smelt so fantastic I had to give it a go. Not regretted it at all, what I regret is sharing a cup with visitors - now they are all drinking that one too!!

Very much still not a cup of builders tea with milk person, but honest to god, if it had a Bluebird on the pack I'd be very shocked if I tried it and it didn't go down like velvet.

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  1. Ohh that nearly Nirvana sounds amazing! I do love me some herbal tea, green is good too! It did take me ages to get into liking any kind of tea! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. It really is something! You can order them online but honestly if you are ever in Brighton its all about going into the shop and just smelling all the teas they have. Delicious!!