Christmas Party Survival, with a little help from George.

This year, as well as navigating the social minefield that is the works Christmas "do", I'm also hosting Christmas. Not really new, we usually Christmas at home, but this year it isn't just us two and maybe one other. I'm hosting 6. I might be cacking myself slightly!

The first thing any about any event you need to get sorted is the outfit. Luckily George at Asda stepped in to help me with that, with the offer of some essential Christmas kit to sort me out for the season. It being Christmas I HAD to go for sparkle, and they have that totally covered! With the fab range of stuff they have in at George , and adding in a few #GeorgePartyTips and I'm thinking I might just survive December. 

The work party is something I'm pretty good a surviving. Luckily my boss is amazingly lovely and there isn't anything I can imagine doing when drunk that would get me into too much trouble. It's still not a good idea to get too "jolly" anyway but it can be hard. A top tip from me is to pre-nibble. There is the temptation to think I'll eat later, and you will, much later, in fact normally after several drinks. The food always takes ages coming so put something in your stomach that will soak up those initial couple of drinks you will undoubtedly get through before the grub arrives. Doesn't have to be big but think carbs or protein. Salad isn't going to cut it.

In terms of what to wear, of course glam is where its at, But so is comfort. You aren't going to enjoy yourself if everytime you need to wee you're negotiating with super-tight jeans or, god forbid, spanx! That outfit might look fab in your selfies, but will it still be comfy at 3am when your a bit sloshed and wishing for bed. Also, will those shoes?? I'm a firm believer in funky leggings over tights if your're going to be wearing boots. I enviably find them easier to wiggle out of in the loo than tights. If you've got a more party shoe vibe going on, make sure those tights are comfy. I usually wear new pairs around the house to make sure they are still comfy on a night out before letting them loose on the world.

 The outfit is just the first step of prepping your night out, and good prep in general is essential for surviving a night out, more so at Christmas. Check the time of the last train or bus if you are doing public transport, and honestly, aim for the one before. More than once I've had a colleague end up on my sofa because the last train got cancelled or missed.

This dress is GORGEOUS, but a total nightmare to photograph. As you can see it is sequin central, so the light bounces all over the place and my camera hated trying to focus. If it did, it made me look all patchy and glittery. I love it all the more thou because in person it just looks fabulous, as that sort of thing isn't an issue. With sequins, go bigger as they can be a bit clingy, these espeically as they don't lay in the same direction (hence the absolute bloody nightmare that was photographing it on me). As a party dress thou, and for £25, it really can't be beaten. I bloody love it!!

Back to parties thou, there are a few essential tips. If you can't manage a glass of water for every drink (its a great idea but who actually ever does) still drink as much plain water as you can. If you can (a waiter asks, you go to the bar yourself etc) ask for water as well. Tap water is free, anywhere that sells alcohol is legally obliged to give you free water if you ask as a proviso of their liquor licence. It isn't something some of them promote, they want you to pay, but they have to give it if you ask. So even if you down what you can while at the bar and abandon the rest when you head off with your booze, you've tried. Also, pee, let your system do what it does and clean itself out. Another good tip if you can is grab a bottle of water to sip on your way home. If you think you will get in and just pass out, at least you've got some water in your system before you have the opportunity to fall asleep and forget.

See, I pretty much have going out covered, I'm experienced and I'm a pro. This year with my amazing glitter dress and my comfy yet very funky shoes I'm going to nail it yet again.

Christmas day itself has me just a wee bit petrified! Again, Asda sorted me with an outfit. For me the big day is a very different animal to a Christmas Party, its all about chilling and comfort. So the Christmas Jumper is where it is at. Asda has some fab ones, and while I have some really fun ones I wear at work I needed something new. In with the sparkle again with these gorgeous reindeer, teamed with leggings for ultimate comfort and food-baby expansion.

I think I could have done with these sparkle velour leggings (£10) in a bigger size - my legs kinda look like sausages. That's on me when I picked my size thou, they are very comfy as is the Reindeer Knit Tunic (£16). I went for this in Charcoal as I love a grey, but its also available in black. I'm all over sparkle and comfort for Christmas day!

Outfit wise, I'm now good, but how to survive the actual day is something I'm working on. Again there is going to be a lot of prep involved, but this is what I'm thinking -
  • Pastries for breakfast for stomach prep (before the drinks start) and no dishes or cooking!
  • Nigella Christmas is going to be my food bible thanks to all its "make ahead" tips on the recipes. 
  • Everyone is going to have something to do to help me - setting table, keeping the chef hydrated" etc 
  • Relax, it doesn't have to be perfect. 
I'm hoping these work to make Christmas go off without a hitch. What tips do you have to survive the season of parties?

**this post was written in conjunction with George & Asda, who sent me the clothes in return for sharing my christmas party tips with you guys. All opinions as always are my own. For more on my policies please see my about page** 

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  1. LOVE the outfits so much! The jumper is my fave! George never fail to disappoint. I know what you mean about sequins not staying in the same direction, can be so annoying sometimes!

    Ps. I did try the glass of water to every drink once, then it just went downhill from there and never happened again haha!

    Tania | x