Dear 2016

Dear 2016, this year coming I have a few requests. Unlike your older brother 2015, I just know you are a nice person deep down, even so please please please..
  1. No last minute trips to the other side of the world. Was China interesting, yes. Did I want to go, not like that. Please no more. Air travel is for holidays only this year thank you.
  2. Holidays need to be holidays. FYI, this includes bank holidays. My husband would really like next year not to spend boxing day in hospital with his Dad. Dad's should be snoozing in the comfy chair on boxing day. Make it so.
  3. No more losing parents. Seriously, this is your last warning on the matter.
  4. Nothing else needs to break please. We've fixed (or have plans to soon) the whole house, got me replacements for my busted phone and laptop, repaired my camera, crashed the car. I'm not going to touch on the massive amounts of stuff we needed to replace for the new place, This year the money goes on shoes. On that note, please if I buy it new make it work. I'm fed up of having to send back stuff because it broke after five minutes. In one case it blew our electrics. Its not on.
  5. No more lost teeth. Between me and him its 3 this year with wisdom teeth and messed up dental work. Just stop now.
If I can have these I promise I'll try and be good. Agreed?? 

See you soon! 

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