Getting to grips with Nespresso

Before the madness of Christmas (and some recent nightmare kitchen fitting!) started a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to a bloggers event sponsored by Nespresso and Currys. Gadgets and Coffee, I mean really I was totally in from the get go. My love of coffee predates my love of tea, and anything that makes it a bit easier to get my caffeine hit in the morning is good by me.

That said I'm very much an eco/fairtrade/whole best bean coffee kind of girl, so I wasn't sure what I'd
make of the pod-system coffee. However Mr Clooney seems to be a fan so I was willing to give it a go. Turns out that one of the reasons good old George is a spokesman is that he's very into his coffee and really likes the eco-credentials of the brand, as well as the taste.  As well as looking after their farmers the pods themselves are 100% recyclable. Not only that, but they will come to your house to collect them if you want it. Who knew eh?

As well as giving us the low down on the brand, there was some fun. As well as the chance to get to know other bloggers, and about the brand, it was a chance to learn more about that fantastic little bean we are all addicted to. There was, of course, making coffee with a Nespresso machine, but also latte art, cocktail making and a coffee tasting "class". We did each in little groups, which made it really easy to have a good laugh and get to know everyone.

Latte art was ALOT more difficult to do than it appears, but I got the idea from my lacking efforts that its all about confidence and having the perfect frothed milk - which given my love for latte's was a very cool thing to learn, I need to get myself a coffee maker with a steamer! It all comes down to the right heat, in the right place for the right amount of time. Oh, and that tapping the jug thing that they do in the coffee houses? It is apparently a crucial aspect!

The cocktails were fun, but maybe not something I'd do at home. Honestly, the vanilla sky is just like Baileys, so skip the effort and just buy a bottle. The other tasted a little like Reese's Pieces, but not as intense, but it did give me a few ideas for alcohol and coffee cocktails that aren't the traditional Irish Coffee.

The tasting session was really fun thou. It was interesting noticing how different blends spark off different taste centres on the tongue, and how they work with different foods in a very similar way to the things they do with wine tastings. Only this time without the hangover! We were talked through the different pods and the differences in the blends inside, as well as a super quick tour of the five different tastes that the tongue picks up, and how scent is a huge part of taste.

Overall, as convient as a pod system is, I'm too much of an "ooh lets try this funky new roaster's coffee beans" kinda girl to totally give myself over to it, however, if I had to pick a pod-system it would probably be nespresso. I liked the coffee, I really liked the eco-creds, and I especially liked how idiot (read sleep deprived person) proof the system is. But sorry guys, you'll never drag me away from the joy of grinding my own beans.

**this post was written in conjunction with Joe Blogs, Nespresso and Currys PCWorld. All views, as always are mine.

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