Our Advent Calender

As far as I'm concerned, today is the first day of Christmas. As such its not only the first day its ok to sing christmas songs, and wear my collection of novelty jumpers, but its also time to break out the advent calendar.

It isn't on the strung on wall yet, despite having the string and pegs. Sadly we've still got the builders in, but it is all made up and ready to open. This year, instead of chocolate or other goodies (The craft beer calender was mooted) we've gone for stuff to do. All written on paper and put on envelopes. we split it in half and got 12 days each, so every day is a surprise for the other person.

I will blog the week's updates, and I'm sure it'll end up on insta and twitter, but just to give you an idea it's things like "watch muppet christmas carol" and "have a mince pie tasting session". I'm excited to see what Mr O has picked for me to do on the even numbered days, as I'm sure he's interested to see what I picked.

Today, for me, was the request I take a very christmassy scented bath tonight. What did your advent calender give you this morning?? 

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