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64 Degrees is one of my favourite places to eat in Brighton, and I've been meaning to write up a review of the place for quite a while. I have many photos of the food, and there have been a good few meals eaten at this point. Still no review thou, and while eating on New Years Eve, it finally twigged in my head as to why. 

I've been too engrossed in the theatre to remember to critic the food.
photo by 64 Degrees

Let me explain. The restaurant itself is quite small, seating only 32 total. A few tables dot the floor for larger groups, but if there are only 2 of you, then it is all about sitting on the pass. Sat on those stools you see into the heart of the show, watching the chef's bop around the kitchen (literally in some cases, we had dancing the other night!) making the superb food. Your dish is popped in front of you by the chef with a brief description ready for you to devour it like you were envisioning as you watched it constructed.

On that note, I really should try to describe the food.

We aren't talking a traditional three course dinner kind of place here. In keeping with the idea of event, we instead get treated to many smaller delectable dishes.It's advised you pick around 5 to share between two of you. We usually pick 3 each and that is more than enough for us. They are staggered, obviously as you watch them being put together, so you find yourself eagerly anticipating the next course.

The menu is split into four dishes each of fish, vegetable and meat. Each dish describes the food only with three ingredients. Those three words are the only clue you get to how they put together the dish, how it is cooked and so on until you see it be constructed in front of you. For instance, the fab dish below from the other night was described only as Shrimp, Lemon, Marie Rose. What I actually received was a deep fried breaded ball filled with tiny shrimp in some kind of sauce.  The sauce was aerated and oh so light, while the lettuce and lemon that usually acompany a prawn cocktail turn up a little bit singed, but still incredibly tasty.

Sadly in some ways they change the menu daily (ish) so don't expect to see this on the menu should you visit. Still worth a visit thou, if not for the prawns then for the entertainment. 

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  1. Sounds great, I will try to visit next time i'm down your way