Living Room Reno

So finally we are the other side of Christmas panic and renovation nightmares and everything else that has stopped me getting my act together and facing the photos of what this, now lovely, flat looked like when we got the keys. 

Lets start with the open plan kitchen/living room... 

Looks ok right? except that this was AFTER we cleared out all the junk that got left behind, AFTER we washed the mould from the walls and without fully showing off the nicotine stains and so forth. Honestly, it was the other half who took these because I just couldn't face it. I pretty much put on the blinkers along with the rubber gloves.

We stripped everything out that we could, then it was lining paper and paint. An awful lot of elbow grease and hard work as well.

The kitchen is big, but was more than big enough to handle cooking christmas dinner for 6 with ease. Obviously I need more pictures on the wall but I'm working on it.

The walls are Little Greene paint in Inox. It wasn't actually the first paint we got, we got as far as painting an entire wall before we realised the first one was wrong. Yes, we checked, but in large amounts on the wall it was just too much. A costly mistake but worth it to not live with a wrong colour.

The dining table and chairs were an eBay find, our old gate-leg table is being used as a side table for my record player. The Parker Knoll armchair was a bargain find, all the other ones in the second hand store (some in worse condition) were more, but this lovely bottle green one was only £25! It's now universally known as the comfy chair as it is so nice it sit in! It took pretty much 3 months of checking every store and so much checking on eBay to track down the right pieces but second hand made it so much cheaper. The only thing totally new is the kitchen, which thankfully can now hold ALL my kitchen kit!

What do you think?

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