Tea Tasting, January edition.

One of the best presents I got this Christmas was a subscription to the Bluebird Tea Tasting Club. Based on all the tea things I got, its apparently now the thing to buy when you can't buy bath stuff. Whatever, I love it.

The idea is each month I get a gorgeous little package containing three types of tea in the post. This month I got a nice little tea spoon too, so I don't over or under estimate how much tea I need. Helps me get it just right. January's selections were two I had heard a lot about, and one that it transpired I really needed.

Kung Flu Fighter turned up just in time to find me in the depths of the worst flu I've ever had. I've never had one like it, but the blend worked really well to both hydrate and make me feel a bit more alive. Something about it was just the perfect thing when I was feeling terrible.

The other two, well honestly not quite my thing.With Dozy girl, as good as it is for relaxing, all I can taste is lavender which is not a taste I like. In the case of Skinny Minny, I'm sticking with it as a morning brew and seeing how it does with its metabolism boosting properties, but it is not one I would drink exclusively for taste. I'll report back if it does help me with shedding the mince pie weight!

All my grumbles and the like aside, it was a pretty good selection this month, very apt for the start of a new year. After all we all need to get a kick start, more sleep and not get worn down by the flu! I'm really looking forward to what February brings already.

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