February's Tea Box

As I sat, or rather slumped, in the depths of another horrific bout of flu, a shining light came in the form of more tea from Bluebird Tea Company.

While January's offerings had a definite "new year, new you" theme going on, this month was very much Valentines centered & with a white, green and black tea blend, a bit more mixed up. Last month was all a little too dark for my personal taste buds but I'm liking this. This time around I'm being treated to Love Potion, Cherry Lips and All things nice,

Cherry Lips is a nice green tea blend. In fact I'm suppin' on a pot of it as I type. Not too heavily flavoured either way, the cherry blossom and rose tone down the harshness of the green tea (or at least the harsh taste I usually get that I don't like, it is the tannin??) but don't over flavour the tea. It is fragrant, and delicate and after reading the blurb I do get a definite oriental vibe to it. I also like that it brews at 80 degrees so its cool enough for me to drink more quickly.

Love Potion is the black tea. Not my usual thing AT ALL, but this one I really liked. Which came as a bit of a surprise as on paper it really is not my cup of tea at all. Ok, the candy hearts and chocolate are things I can get behind, but black tea, strawberry and rose? Seriously not my kind of tastes. Together they make this amazing ruby tea that goes down so well. Actually I better finish this cup so I can get another love potion brewing!

All Things Nice  is a brew I had tasted before at the perfume/tea event back in August. White tea, cinnamon, liquorice and rose come together in this one. It's a nice drink, but after about half a cup the liquorice (a flavour I personally hate with the power of 10,000 suns) is a bit too much for me. It's a lovely brew otherwise thou.

I keep seeing sneak peeks of March's new teas, like Maple Bacon, so hopefully that one will show up next month. In the meantime its all about Love Potion for me.


  1. Quite fancy the idea of maple bacon tea! I really like the idea of this whole tea a month thing.

    1. its really nice, i get just enough of a tea to decide if I want more, plus I get to try a lot of nice stuff I wouldn't usually get myself