Why my New Year Starts on Chinese New Year

Short Version is simply because January sucks.

I've covered this before thou, if its not been yet another miscarriage (god it sucks just writing that) I'm otherwise out for-the-count ill, or everyone else is or some other cosmic convergence royally screws up plans for a new start. Total exhaustion after a Christmas working in retail doesn't help much either.

Which is why, for the sake of picking a date I go with Chinese New Year. Its usually just around the time everything comes together and I'm no longer dragging myself out of bed to work, totally shattered the rest of the time. Last January I only dragged myself out of bed for work and flat viewings, this year it was (barely) work and a friend's birthday. I maybe shouldn't have risked the last one, I'm now rocking an awful flu as well as a new piercing!

So, January is never very nice to me, Usually something big gets sorted for the year and otherwise the month is shot. This year, after a year it was house buying, its a holiday again, but more on that soon. February brings the new routines, the this year I'll do this and all that stuff. It works better for me because that way, when January inevitably bitch-slaps me down, I don't feel crappy messing up my New Year routines.

Only now, being me and the worst procrastinator in the world, I've got 4 days to think of them. So, urm, yeah... any ideas? What was the best resolution you made??

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