Kernal Brewery Meet the Brewer

Thursday night me and the beer gussler headed down to Bison Beer Crafthouse in Brighton for a meet the Brewer event with Evin from Kernal Brewery. As someone who last week could have summed up everything I knew about beer in a few sentences I had a feeling I would be out of my depth. Still, my favourite 64 degrees were providing food, and the beers I'd had from Kernal before have been good so I thought it would be fun. Plus the beer gussler thought it was a good opportunity to get a few jars in.

Kernal, as it turns out have a rather interesting history. Evin was a cheese-monger for Neals Yard, selling cheese crafted with different milks and qualities that different processes install. On a work trip to New York, where he passed on this knowledge during the day, he found himself educated as to how beer making was eerily similar. Just trade hops for milk and honestly, as he describes it, the ideas are very similar. When describing his beer and what he likes about beer in general I was left with the distinct impression that the pretention that seems to get attached to anything "craft" or "handmade" or god forbid "artisan" these days is very much NOT what it's all about. While his particular brand of brown packaged, bottle conditioned small batch beer might fit that scene, it is definitely not the intended one.

The Beer itself was something very satisfying to drink after a particularly long work day. All four we tasted were simple, yet absolutely delicious and well crafted. The best analogy I can think of for the taste is the very best simple food, but where the ingredients are sublime - a tomato salad with really flavourful vine ripened tomatoes or a really nice crumbly cheddar. Simple, yet sometimes the best thing that you can put in your mouth. I loved the food but honestly, some of was almost too complex with the beer. The cheese as accompaniment was good, but in my head I was dreaming of warm sunshine and a ploughmans. Glass and fork have a really good review of the beers we tried, I sadly tried to be techy and take notes on my phone that promptly got lost, and after all that beer my memory is sketchy on the details, but Brett got it pretty nailed down I think.

Event wise, definitely worth it. I'm really looking forward to more of these, especially when Bison finally get to open the Bison Arms. In the mean time, I've got a few nice brown labeled bottles of beer in my fridge that I'm looking forward to cracking open.

Bison Beer Crafthouse can be found at 7 East Street Brighton

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