Marchs Mad Tea Party

Finally I am back from holiday and have enough working taste buds to give you a proper review of the tea's I received in this months Bluebird Tea box. March Madness is in full swing with this selection.

First out of the box was Easter Egg Nests, which sounded fab. While I really am not a black tea person, it has chocolate and marshmallows which really are my cup of tea. Sadly, it just didn't deliver on its promise, and I just did not like the flavour. I tried with and without milk and still. while not terrible, I didn't finish the cup and don't think I'll make another.

The second choice was the one I was looking forward to most, Maple Bacon Pancakes. Think about the best cuppa you've had, I'm thinking bulk standard cuppa with hobnobs kinda tea. This is it. The combo of different teas and botanicals gives you a really nice cuppa, the vanilla gives it the sweetness of adding sugar, but without. Finally, the cinnamon (and according to the ingredients on my packet chipotle chilli?!) gives a warmth. Trust me its not chilli heat its a warmth that fills your chest leaving you warm and fuzzy. Might be going in for a big pack of this one.

Lastly for something completely different, No tea in this gorgeous cup of Fruit Salad. There are so many different fruits in this one, and it does have a definite fruity taste. It's just not a fruit you can nail down - none of them override the rest, no raspberry or apple taste over riding the rest. Nice warm, I get the feeling this really comes into its own as a cold brew tea. Indeed, I might have to get me a cold brew bottle sooner rather than later for this baby.

I'm now half the way through my six month teabox subscription and so far I'm really enjoying it, and I'm thinking of trying some other subscription boxes. Any ideas for me?

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