25 things I'm looking forward to this summer

  1. Pimms
  2. Iced tea, especially as I'm guessing I'll have some lovely ones to try from Bluebird Tea
  3. Not needing to wear tights every time I wear a skirt
  4. Showing off my tattoo (and my painted toenails)
  5. Festival season
  6. Getting away from the crowds and going to sit on the beach at lunch
  7. Going to the beach to blog on my days off 
  8. Basically just the beach
  9. Seeing the Sun on days I work, and not just as its waking up/going to sleep.
  10. Picking tomatoes straight from the vines to eat them. 
  11. Feeling warm and dry grass between my toes
  12. Picnics for dinner
  13. Getting my homebrew on again, now its warm enough for yeast.
  14. Feeling like I have HOURS between work and bed 'cos the sun is still out
  15. Sheets that have been dried on the line not in the tumble. So much softer IMO
  16. Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters.. basically all the movies
  17. Getting to see Sigur Ros in July
  18. Being able to use all my tote bags as handbags again.
  19. New Tate Modern opening and Georgia O'Keefe exhibit
  20. Summer sunsets are the prettiest!
  21. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  22. Open Air Cinema
  23. All the ice cream flavours I can eat
  24. Wearing sunglasses all day.. thereby getting away with not putting on eyeliner
  25. My Birthday

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