New York Pt 3

After the mania of the first days there was a bit of a more relaxed vibe on the remaining couple of days of our trip. But then, Sundays are generally more sedate anyway.

So after coffee and a light breakfast this time, we headed down to Murray's for Bagels. Our friend we were going to go see in New Jersey later that day had told us that the best bagels were at Murray's so we headed down to pick some up and then go to the High Line for a "second breakfast". He wasn't wrong on the bagels, I wish I'd gotten two.

Before we got to Murray's we first headed to Hook and Ladder #8, also known as Ghostbusters HQ. It was a disapointment - clad in scaffolding it was barely recognisable. We did manage to get photos with the badges on the sidewalk outside, but it wasn't what we hoped. Still, that is always the risk with any holiday - things are closed or the weather is dreadful. Indeed that was the day the heatwave started to skulk away from us. 

Our walk along the High Line was enjoyable even without the bright blue skies we had been having. The High Line is a park built on an elevated disused section of an old railway, travelling from the meatpacking district, through Chelsea, to 34th street where we needed to be to get the ferry to Hoboken. We walked pretty much the whole length, and its another place to go back to - there are seats, bars (not open when we visited sadly) and a few sections were people sell art. Definitely a place for a lounge on a sunny day. 

I actually completely forgot to take photos in Hoboken, we were too busy catching up and yaking away. Fun was had, and its an interesting place history wise, not only the birthplace of Sinatra & the WWII staging post for Europe, but an interesting history with St Patricks day as we were told about when we got there. The last one I can understand - we basically spent our entire time in Hoboken drinking, it really rubbed off on us. All that said, if our friends move I probably wouldn't go back.

The next day was our last day in NYC, but our flight wasn't until evening so we had intended to make the most of having the whole day. Sadly the heat broke and bought with it MAJOR rainfall. We had a wet walk in the west village - having only gone in the evenings the intention was to see it in the daylight. We did, however, make it to McGee's for How I Met Your Mother Monday. McGee's was the bar that served as the inspiration for McLarens in HIMYM, so of course we had to go, and on Mondays they have themed food and drinks so Monday was always going to be it. A Bro Code Combo was ordered, as were a few drinks, and the realization that everyone else in the bar was talking about their favorite episode. I think McGee's was the closest we actually got to going to a tourist-trap bar or restaurant and it really wasn't - it just felt that way because at about 1pm on a Monday afternoon everyone else is working.

In the end we decided it was best not to get totally soaked before sitting on a flight for home and went back to the hotel and chilled in the bar. They were keeping our bags, and we had enjoyed a few drinks in the bar so it was as good as any. The Hudson Common bar is actually really pretty. It is designed to be like a big communal mess hall, which works great at breakfast. It also works fairly well as a place just to chill - there are a nice mix of tables that are better to sit and work at, and those that are better to lounge and slump in. Plus, they have a pretty decent menu - I totally recommend going and having their maple syrup grilled cheese. It is nothing like you expect - not sweet so much as oh-my-god-get-in-my-mouth moreish. 

As it turned out, deciding to chill rather than go out in the rain didn't end our NYC tour - our cabbie to the airport was a lovely guy and as we go in asked how long until our flight. Anticipating traffic we left early, so he asked if we would like the scenic route. Yellow Cabs in NYC have a set fare for Airport journeys and so our trip to JFK would be the same no matter what route he took. He explained with rush hour and the traffic he just gets bored so if we didn't mind he's take us up and around - we went up into Harlem rather than along the FDR that runs along the river, so we got to see a bit more of the city on our way out. Not that I really wanted to lave but hey, I'll be back.

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