What I love about Flying

Flying is awesome. I've been flying since I was an infant, and although things in the last few years have made me a bit more skittish about flying than I once was, I still love it. Wanna know why??

  1. You'll never get a view like the one from a window seat. The ground, with all the little people moving around in cars that look like micro machines. The sky above the clouds that look like balls of cotton wool all bunched up together. Bonus points for flying over the North pole and seeing ice caps from above, or flying into a sunrise.
  2. Its like being in a vacuum. I'm totally addicted to my smart phone. Its a problem. I'm watching a movie and I'm looking up what the actor has also been in online, or checking twitter, or in other ways trying to do two things at once. I'll be honest, I do that on planes too. It's just the most I can do on a plane is watch the movie and write some post ideas, or take some photos out the window, or eat my meal. It feels like a little pause on life for those few hours in the air.
  3. The whole process of boarding. Hear me out on this one. Yes its a total pain the arse and security lines and passport control need to not be so bloody long and annoying. There is something about the process that I love, it makes the whole thing a little like an airlock - making the holiday a completely separate part of the rest of your life. So much more so than driving somewhere for hours in a car or on a train. Those I do for work and shopping. Being on a plane means something else.
  4. The few seconds it takes for passport control to recognize me from my passport. I have a knack for looking totally fab in my passport photos, so its nice to be like, yes I'm a sweaty mess after being on a plane for hours, but I can actually look that good yes!
  5. It offers amazing people watching opportunities. The people you see in airports are, frankly, the most versatile bunch you'll see anywhere. Personal bests have been all the female newsreaders & weather girl from BBC Breakfast going up the escalator, and the Chinese girl in Beijing wearing the highest heals I have ever seen. But you see all sorts, and its always a bit of a good giggle. 
What do you like most about flying. 

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