A new hang out (or why there are more movie reviews these days)

So you might have noticed a few more movie reviews lately, because I've been at the movies more. When we moved into our new place one of the things I liked most about it was the proximity to everything. The nearest shop is not only well stocked but also now affectionately called "the other fridge". It's maybe a 15 minute walk to a really nice pub, which is incidentally not only on the edge of town, but itself only a few doors from the cinema.

The Dome Cinema was one first cinemas in the country and the first public one in West Sussex. The building is listed and actually has a really interesting history which I guess is why they were able to get the heritage funding to do up the building. Whatever the reason it has a lovely warm feeling to the building, a small bar contains the old film projector - left with the reels of the last film shown on the projector in place. A small concession stand sits behind the original box office and in front of the main theatre. Its a big one, with nice roomy seats and an absolute ton on legroom. The smaller screen upstairs actually has old Odeon premiere seats in it, again with the big leg room, which feels like more than you get in the Odeon. I've long been a fan of the premiere seating, its comfy and I can stretch out. Sadly Premiere tickets top out at just over £10 so for two of us it was usually just pocket change left from £30 once we factored getting to the cinema in the first place.

These days, with the dome that can get us dinner and drinks too. As well as Meerkat Movies 2 for 1, they do £3 movies on a Monday. This is fab, so its become a date night now, sharing a pizza and then off to the cinema for drinks and a movie. All for what we would have normally spent on a ticket. Even without a Monday night deal, two tickets and two beers to take in with us while we watch the film and there is still change from a £20. Some lazy weekdays I'll head down on my own and watch, or even rewatch, something. Gets me out of the house.

So it is safe to say that my love of the movies has been reignited, and I'm very much loving the Dome. Going to the movies has always been one of the little luxuries in my life, now its something I can do more often. Part one of looking after myself more & not dwelling on stuff that isn't, is to enjoy more of life's luxuries. A cheeky trip to the flicks is one I'm definitely loving.

Are there any little luxuries that you like to gift yourself? Give me some ideas guys...

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