Bluebird Tea - the May box

So it appears that this months box has the theme of award winners, seeing as I have two Great Taste winners to try this month. 

Morning Kick is a Lemon and Ginger Tea, supposedly to invigorate and give you get up and go. I've actually tried similar teas before when I've been on a health/give up coffee kick, but found them either too lemon or too ginger. I love ginger beer but when it comes to tea I'm not a fan of that back of the throat burn ginger can leave, add in the tartness of the lemon and no, not my thing. Morning kick is a different beast, I understand why its an award winner. Nicely ginger and lemon, yet not too much of both, its an easy drink. Definitely one for the morning too, as it gave me a bit more get-up-and-go.

Earls Paradise is a classic Earl Grey, but with Papaya and Strawberry added in. Straight off I was looking forward to this as I'm not adverse to a cup of Earl Grey. The fruit flavours are well balanced and make the blend a little sweeter than usual - normally I would add sugar to black tea as preference but this was perfect without. I wouldn't have been able to pick out the fruits from the taste as they sort of melt into the deep tea taste without shouting out too loudly. I think I might have to try this one cold - I've a feeling it will be like those fruit iced teas you get in bottles.

The other award winner, Gingerbread Chai, I've had a cup of before. A blend of my favourite rooibos, cardamon, cinnamon and ginger it has that warming glow you get from good spicing as you drink it down. Like Morning Kick, the ginger doesn't leave the ginger "burn", but you get the warmth. I'm also thinking this one cold-brewed.

Tried any good tea lately??

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