From "little mermaid" to "sea witch" thoughts on going Blue Haired

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen that last week I went for a big hair change. After years of DIY reds and pinks at home, I decided to not only get a professional colour job, but also go blue. I made the decision to change my hair colour before we went to NYC, but decided to wait until the summer to make the change, which had the added advantage of not cutting into holiday funds. Even knowing it was coming it was still really exciting/nervous going into the salon last week and getting it done.

I went to Lipstick and Gunpowder, which is round the corner from where I work (and my usual place) and it was the fab George who did my colour - I'd seen some of his work on his instagram when looking for inspiration and that pretty much sold me. Plus he's always been good for banter when I've been in for cuts before and I figured if I'm going to be in the chair for hours well, why not. Of course before I went in there was the obligatory "bye bye red hair" selfie.

the remains of my flame red hair
Going from warm tones to cool tones is a long process, all in all it took six and a half hours from the moment I walked in until I walked out with my lovely new hair. I helped all I could by using the most colour stripping shampoos I could find, and knowing it would be bleached I also used as many strengthening masks and so on that I could get. That worked really well as despite the lifting solution being on for 50 minutes (not including the time to put it on) I had no breakage, a huge bonus with hair as fine as mine, I need all I can get

Most of the time I was in the salon was down to getting me to blonde, so the blue would actually show. No red tones allowed, this had to be a cool light blonde, although my roots were left my natural colour so it will blend better as it fades and my roots grow out. Still it was creepy being blonde again, as I haven't had hair this light since I was about 8! It was four and a half hours to get to this.

The colour itself is a mix of blue and purple, the purple is now showing more as the blues have mellowed. One thing that I didn't realise about the blue is that it bleeds a lot more than the reds. I've had the bluest hands for the last week, its finally starting to stop now that I've washed it twice, but it still looks like I've been dismembering smurfs when I shower, and transporting the parts in my pillow cases. Those blue hands below? Those are after I tied up my hair, so much blue coming off in my hands and on my face!

The fact that for the last week EVERYTHING has been blue aside, I'm actually really loving blue hair. The blue makes my skin seem a less red colour, in fact I ended up putting on bronzer the other day because I started feeling I looked too pale. I'm loving that it makes my skin more pale and interesting. I've always had a problem with a bit of rosacea and being self-concious about it. Its nice to now have a hair colour as bright and manic as I like, that doesn't make me feel like someone has given me the cheeks of bobo the clown,

I'm also really chuffed with what George did with the colour. Honestly I'm now a convert to getting my colour done at the salon. Yes, it is more, but for colour like this I couldn't do it on my own. Also, the way the blue has gone EVERYWHERE washing it out, I really wouldn't want to clean that bathroom mess up after dyeing it. George kept me topped up on libations and it was really nice to just sit there and chill while someone pampered me. The colour is all melted together so it doesn't look harsh and like a lot more than just four shades, definitely not something I could do myself. Sometimes you get the purple, other times it just looks blue. I get really giggly thinking about it because I love it so much.

So yeah, the little mermaid grew up into a sea witch, and I don't think she'll be back. Blue is definitely more her colour!

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