On the Rocks - Dark and Stormy

I was reminded the other day, while looking for some recipe ideas, of the utterly fab Domestic Sluttery. I loved that site, the baking and most importantly the weekly cocktail. So I decided to revive the tradition.

Yeah OK, it is basically just an excuse for me to have cocktail hour every week. This week, Dark and Stormy. It's a rum based cocktail and fairly easy - no paraphernalia required. An umbrella is a nice touch thou (and so cute!!). I thought I'd start with a favourite of mine and one that isn't difficult, just really tasty. Plus I kinda have the stuff in the house already! 

Although this one might seem very summery, fear not. Should the sun vanish, the ginger beer gives a lovely warmth, making this good in any weather. 

You will need 

Dark Rum - I use Appletons or Red Leg as I like a Jamaican rum, but just dark is good. No Bacardi here please
Ginger Beer
Tall Glass

Construction technique

Ice in glass, add a 50ml shot of rum (you don't have to be that specific, guestimate if you like) and top up with ginger beer. Add lime wedges after giving them a squeeze into the glass first. Done. Could not be simpler in the slightest.

Any cocktails you think I should try? What are your favourites??

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