On the Rocks - Tom Collins & Gin Fizz

A good Gin and Tonic is almost a summer essential, a long thirst quencher. There are bars with entire menu's dedicated to not only Gin, but tonic waters to go with them. I don't know about you but when I get confronted with one of these I do the swirly finger trick or ask a barman - I have no clue about "botanicals". 

I also am terrible with tonic, going through phases of liking it or not, and invariably fancy a G&T right at the time I'm really not interested in quinine, or I've run out of tonic. Luckily for these occassions I have sparkling water. I can't do without it so being aware of plastic bottles I have a sodastream. Add in some lemons and you have yourself a Gin Fizz. Or a Tom Collins, honestly there doesn't seem to be much difference in the recipes except the exact type of gin used. A Tom Collins has to use Old Tom Gin, a gin fizz doesn't care. I don't care about that so I tend to call this a Tom Collins at home - I like the sound of that name a bit more. Gin Fizz makes me think it needs Fizz, it begs for sparking wine not water.. but then that is a French 75

Whatever the name, this is a nice alternative to a G&T on a hot summer afternoon. Long and refreshing, its neither too sweet or too tart. 

You Will Need

2 parts gin
1 part lemon juice
10ml/2tsp Sugar Syrup
Sparkling or Soda Water
Lemon to garnish

Construction Technique

Pop the ice, sugar, lemon and gin into a glass and stir together until mixed. Or put it in your shaker and go to town, before popping into a glass.

Top up your glass with the sparking/soda water, add the garnish and drink. Blissful

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