Bluebird Tea Box - The Final Chapter

Bluebird Tea Club subscriptions last for six months, so this months box is my final one. Being June, most of the new editions for the summer collection turned up, the only one missing being the Strawberry Split. Oh well, I would have to do without that and make do with Sangria, Red Velvet and Jelly and Ice Cream, which is such a hardship but I'm coping.

Red Velvet is a black tea, not usually my taste, yet this one works. Deep and rich in taste, it doesn't have the bitter tannins I usually expect with black tea. The sharp edges are smoothed, leaving the depth that gives it the cake-like richness. Sunflower petals, pomegranate and vanilla match with the beetroot to give the lightness to the cocoa, really emulating the texture of red velvet cake - which after all is light textured chocolate cake. I could definitely drink more of this. Also the beetroot makes this black tea pink. Who wouldn't like pink tea right?

Sangria is a fruit tea, and a very fruity one at that. Hibiscus, apple, orange and pineapple mix well with the spicy cardamon. This guy is rich, but a lovely summery light drink - definately the summer cousin of Christmases Mulled Wine. Like the mulled wine, it can apparently be steeped in wine for a sangria like effect, and is also really lovely cold.

Jelly and Ice Cream was a disappointment. Yes, it is the roobios tea I've come to love, with sweetening vanilla and a fruity hint. However nothing was substantially different from similar Roobios blends I've had recently like Hot Cross bun, Maple Bacon and Rhubarb and Custard. Very subtle differences, but honestly guys as nice as it is I was hoping for a bit more variety. Very drinkable yes, but after months of the same sort of thing nothing to write home about. Maybe if I had a side by side tasting, but on initial gut reaction I didn't see how it was much different except its more sweet rather than rhubarb tasting.

So, being my last box, there was a nice reminder (and 10% code which was nice) that I would need to re-subscribe should I want to keep getting my tea. I thought long and hard about it, but in the end I'm not going to keep it up. It's not that I'm not loving the tea, its more that like I said it has become a bit expected and same-old-same old recently. It was the valentines range, then the easter, then summer. I've been able to predict the blends at least 70% of the time based on what they plug on social media, and I liked the idea of the box for the surprise as much as the variety of blends I might not pick myself. On that note, very similar blends have been coming and honestly, I miss the experience of heading into the shop. There are ones I know are on that big tea shelf that I would like to try, but the three packets of tea are usually more than enough a month so I haven't yet.

It's been fantastic getting to know the differences in flavours, but being lucky enough to live near to the shop I'm going to go back to popping in, sniffing the blends and deciding the old fashioned way. So, while this is the end of the tea box in the post, it isn't the end of my love affair with tea.

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