Happiness is a hot bath

Now we've pretty much finished with the renovations, and I've done my tinkering with where things live, its now the time to settle back into actually relaxing of an evening and not be all about getting stuff done. I've gotten into a routine now on nights in - I cook so he does the dishes. His little routine is to leave this as late as possible before bed, so while that is going on I'll often have a bath.

Having that little routine of a bath and all that goes along with it helps me switch off at the end of the day. I've terrible anxiety and insomnia and its  works for me almost like an airlock between life and sleep times. There is also something about a bath that seems totally indulgent and like you are spoiling yourself, now that the norm seems to be showers. When we were looking at flats last year I pretty much refused to look at anything without a tub, or at least without room for a tub. To be fair, at the time I didn't expect to have to re-do the bathroom top to bottom immediately the way we did (long story), and I couldn't imagine functioning without being able to take a long bath and unwind. Also, life without bubbles and bath bombs is just not worth living.

So what is my perfect bath? Well like most things with me it starts with the prep. My PJ's and everything like that has to be ready, I pop a chair by the tub and get my tablet out so I can watch something while I soak. Then the decision on the bath products. I can spend more time than is sane on this - its what happens when you have too much choice. I need to choose the bomb, or bubbles or oil or some odd combo of all three, then the soap and so on. Generally if I'm achy its something warm and spicy, if I'm having trouble sleeping its lavender, otherwise its sniff everything to decide. There is always something in the water thou, I'm not one for a virgin tub. There is usually a face mask or hair mask involved too - peak relaxation. Other than that, just soaking and watching something fun on the tablet.

Do you ever do that thing where you sit in the bath, trying to relax, and yet you feel like you have to get out after five minutes or so because it feels like ages? There is something about the bathroom that is like a time vortex - time has no meaning inside those walls. We actually have a clock visible when you are in the shower because in the mornings I used to have to point out to the boy that he'd better get out of the shower or he'd be late way too often. It's behind my head in the tub thou, but I'll take note of that time I get in so I make sure I have at least 20 minutes. Some days I run around like such a headless chicken I have to force myself to relax. The thing about rushing about like that is that you never actually get much done, more haste less speed and all that.

That is the point really, to take time out where I'm wet - so no smartphone or laptop or doing three things at once. At this point I can only do two, wash and watch. I have to take time out to decompress. Taking this time for myself I've found I'm sleeping better, waking better and being more productive in the morning. I soak, and come out of the tub warm and relaxed, and crawls right into bed. Basically I'm spending the time I'd normally spend tossing and turning in bed in the bath relaxing and refreshing myself. Not a bad idea really eh?

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