Sparkling Cocktails Three Ways

A classic champagne cocktail is one of those things that, to me at least, conjures up images of decadence. The spiral of lemon, sugar cube and cognac added to the already decadent champagne, it just seems the very definition of a luxury cocktail. Not something I'd make at home - for a start I don't have sugar cubes in my house, and I'm not really a fancy cognac in the cupboard person. Fancy is for nights out, and honestly, if I have champagne at home I'm drinking it as is.

There are times when you get a bottle of sparkling white wine that either isn't as drinkable as you might like, or you want to stretch out a little bit. There is of course always bucks fizz/mimosa's, but for me they are always more breakfast drinks than lazy afternoon drinks. When the hubby got given a bottle of Prosecco it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out a few of the more original things to do with a bottle of fizz.

Kir Royale

A bit of a classic, I popped this one in as I tend to have a bottle of Creme de Cassis in for those times I want these amazing ribs, or for those days we are opening a white and I fancy a Kir. A normal Kir is just Cassis in white wine, the Royale is when you use a sparkling white. After all the fizz makes it more fancy right?

I usually measure by eye, but if you want to be specific, a shot/25ml jigger measure in the bottom of the glass seems to be about right. Top this with chilled sparkling wine and you have yourself a Royale. In taste think blackcurrant cordial, sweetening the acidity common with white wines and giving a richness. Good if you have a particularly tart wine. 

Limoncello Bubbles

Similar to a Kir Royale, this uses a liqueur to flavour the champagne, In this instance its the tart lemoncello, which makes it refreshing rather than sweet. Almost the opposite of the Kir's sweetness richness you have a light, tart flavour. 

Measure wise, about the same as the Cassis - a shot/25ml in a glass of fizz. Give it a bit of a stir to make sure they mix, I do keep my Limoncello in the freezer as it is best ice cold so that might be why I need to stir it. 

French 75

This beauty is a bit more complex, but honestly by far the best of the bunch. That little bit more effort makes all the difference.

Like a Collins this uses lemon juice, sugar syrup and gin, in the same quantities;

25ml sugar syrup
25ml fresh lemon juice
50ml gin

Mix these together with ice, then strain into your glass. Top up with the fizz, 

This is by far my favourite of the bunch, much more light than the limoncello bubbles, which take on the syrupy nature of the limoncello and isn't quite as light. The botanicals in the gin also lend a lightness to the drink. I could be happy to drink this instead of prosecco any day

What is your favourite thing to do to mix it up when drinking fizzy wine?? 

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