travel gadgets I won't be buying

It's that time of year again, when everyone under the sun is sharing packing tips and the 10 travel accessories you can't live without and all those kind of things. It's the season for travel and for dreaming of visits to far off places and exotic climates. As an intrepid explorer of the world, you want to be totally prepared for anything and travel gadgets can seem great for that - honestly though there are a few that you really can just do without. They may not all be totally ridiculous, but they do fall into the "save your money for the holiday" category. Personally, I'd rather save my money for cocktails and gelato.

Plane Sheets

I couldn't believe it when I saw these, Seat covers for airline seats, they are designed to keep germs off you. An airplane is recycled air but hey, whatever floats your boat. Might look good in your in-flight selfie but that's about it. 

Knee Defenders

I just don't get these. I get the idea - you lock this little gadget into the chair in front of you and the guy can't recline so you get your legroom back and aren't crushed. What I don't get is if the guy in front is that much of a dick that your legs are being crushed and he won't sit upright to make it better, hes also the kind of dick who will get the flight attendants to make you take the thing off. Am I the only person who sees that? I've been on more than a few flights where people have insisted to cabin crew that they move seats because the chair won't recline, so I really don't see how these actually will stop someone who really wants to be a dick about space.

Shirt Folder

I love gadget man, don't get me wrong, but the idea they had of a shirt folder as a travel essential is a bit too Sheldon Cooper for me. Like the plane sheets, a perfectly folded suitcase might look fantastic on instagram, but practically its terrible for using space. You'll get more in and it will be less creased if you roll your clothes rather than fold them. 

Wearable Luggage

I'm rather fanatical about NOT flying Ryanair. I've been flying since I was born and yet it was as a teen flying between UK and Ireland on Ryanair that made me terrified of flying. The bumpy take offs and landings gave me the worst panic attacks. So I refuse to fly them anymore, and maybe that is why I don't get this idea. Pockets yes, but these are something I just cannot get my head around. Stick to your carry on or pay for a hold bag, because the idea of effectively wearing all my stuff makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I can't imagine being on an airline I find comfortable with one of those things, let alone a cramped budget airline. No, not for me

Are there any travel gadgets you've spotted that have made you sit up and go "what the..????" 

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