Whats in my handbag?

I have this problem with things breeding in my bags, and my bags breeding. Especially canvas tote bags, I have way too many of those. I change bags a lot now its warmer trying to give each of them the right amount of love.  There are a few things that always make it across to the new bag when that switch does happen.


Not only so I know what the hell I'm doing on any given day but so I can check plans if something comes up. I tried using the one of my phone to save space and it ended badly, so I'm back to paper and pen. I'm also trying to leave myself little prompts of things I should do on my days off when I write in my work schedule so I actually do something other than tweet, clean and watch too much netflix on my days off


For little notes and funny things that I think up during the day and the like. I also used it when we were on holiday to copy phone numbers and opening times etc for places we wanted to go eat and go see in NYC. Note taking is an essential art. I also have bullet lists and general to-do's, combined with the diary its kinda like a bullet journal. Next year it might end up being one book but for now I have the two books. I buy notebooks whenever I see one I like so I always have loads of empty ones waiting in the wings.


I actually went out an bought this at the apple store rather than on contract. Not the cheapest thing but I did the math on sim only vs contract. So I got a 64gb iPhone and have no worries about running out of space or what music do i put on the thing. I even use it day to day as my e-reader thanks to the kindle app on my way to work (if I'm not tweeting or watching netflix that is)

Battery Pack (& iPhone cable)

As you might have guessed, I'm always on my phone. However, as much as it has space it only has a small battery. This big lump has four battery charges in it. Even I can't use that much battery in a day. Well, so far...

My own personal superhero

Well otherwise I might lose my keys


Now my vision has gone from reading glasses to don't-put-them-on-you-don't-see glasses stealing his sunglasses is no longer an option, so I've always got my prescription ones on me. Or should I say one of my prescription pairs on me.


This one is pretty damn obvious because its fairly essential. Currently I have a well-worn Fossil one, which I love as its smallish, but has oodles of card slots.


Always a must as I get such dry lips. I'm currently using Lush Passion fruit, which is good enough to eat. I tend not to wear lipstick day-to-day, just top up on the ol' balm.

It doesn't look like much but I'll either have my apron for work, or I like to leave as much room as possible for all the stuff I might "pick up" on my travels. I'm a sucker for a bargain. What about you guys, what are your essentials when you leave home??

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