On the Rocks - Juno Temple

Sometimes a cocktail needs to be a bit vanilla, that is without the booze. The Shirley Temple is the classic example of the virgin cocktail - Ginger ale, Grenadine and with a luminous cherry on top. Good old Shirley has gone through some changes in the 80 odd years since its inception, some people now add orange juice - which makes it a little less sugary sweet. I opted for that version, and also to ditch the cherry. Move over Shirley. , this lady is a bit more 20th century, and given that its almost the colour of her coppery locks, this needed to be known as the Juno Temple.

You Will Need

Collins Glass
3 shots of orange juice
6 shots of ginger ale
1 shot of grenadine
an orange slice

Construction Technique

Fill a Collins glass with ice. Mix the orange juice and ginger ale together, then pour into the glass. Pour over the the grenadine, letting it settle into the "sunset" look. Garnish with an orange slice. I opted to do this long, over ice, but it could work equally well in a martini glass or in some other fancy glass if you like.

I actually really liked this. I'm not an orange juice person but if I'm out and not drinking a St Clements (orange and lemonade) is my usual go to in the pub to avoid that caffeine. This is similar, but the ginger is a nice almost spicy touch, Also has the vibe of a proper drink - definitely not just for kids.

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