On the Rocks - The Vampire

Not every drink I've had so far has been exactly to my taste, despite what it might look like. The thing is, I know what I like - sweet fruity rum drinks, a good G&T or something fizzy I'm generally a happy bunny so I've stuck to those so far. But the point of this cocktail once a week thing wasn't just content - it was to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. So, only having had the classic martini and the Bond Vesper before, I figured I'd try something a bit different. I like lime, I like it with gin, so trying this little bloodsucker seemed like a good idea, and a nice way to break out the vermouth. 

This isn't some gauche vampire in a flowing cape with a bad accent, this guy is classy and sophisticated - a true count. I couldn't finish it, I'm not sure martini's and my palate mix, but it is definitely one in the suggestion box if someone comes over and says they like a martini. 

You Will Need

A martini glass
1 Shot dry vermouth
1 shot gin 
5 drops of fresh lime juice

Construction Technique

Another classis martini idea - pop everything in the shaker with ice and shake. Or stir if you want to be a rebel, Then strain into your martini glass. Dress with a slice of lime or a clove of garlic if you really want to rock the vampire idea.

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