Things I'm hoping for next season in Game of Thrones

Anyone who knows me knows I am a rabid fan of all things Westerosi. I've been reading the books now since 1999, so we are talking about one of the longest relationships of my life. Certainly longer running than my relationship. It was actually one of the first things I insisted the hubby do - read the first book and tell me what he thought. Kind of like the test George gave HBO, only much more important.

Season six of Game of Thrones was great, not least because I got some new info for the first time since A Dance of Dragons came out. Of course, some of it I was expecting - Jon's parentage, the fate of Benjen not the least of it but others were certainly jaw-on-the-floor moments. I was expecting Cersei to do what she did eventually, but that one had me slack-jawed for a fair while last week! No such luck this morning however, no new episode and its looking like there won't be one for over a year now, what with it being winter in Westeros now. I have my hopes for the future, for the things that will happen next.. we know Dany will land with her army, but I'm hoping for a few other bits. I have my theories

The Blackfish isn't dead.

Hear me out on this one. We saw no body. This is possibly one of the most gore-heavy show on TV and they didn't show the body. In fact, if you think about it, they spent more time talking about how there was no big fight that killed the Blackfish as he tried to escape, than it would have taken to show him getting stabbed in the back and killed or however they wanted to play it. In the books he escaped, and while I know the show has diverged from them a lot, I think they might keep this one. Rule one of Westeros, never trust when they just say someone is dead, not until you see the corpse. Sometimes not even then.

Jaime will be revealed as the Valonqar, and will kill Cersei

The prophesy that tells of Cersei's death says specifically

".. the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you."

Jaime is her little brother - the translation of valonqar - being that he was the second born twin. His face when he saw what she had done to kings landing, and that she caused the death of their son, solidified the theory in my head that he is the one that kills her. More proof - you think she is letting Tyrion that close to actually strangle her? Hell no, but Jaime she would, and more importantly Jaime and her would have "private time" so he would have opportunity.

Sam is going to find something potentially explosive in the Citadel

I am not talking about wildfyre, but potentially as dangerous, and this one is based on something in the books. There are comments made that lend to the idea that the maesters had something to do with the end of dragons, and maybe there is something a little sinister going on. It is also said that Rhaegar read something that made him decide he needed to be a fighter, and a lot gets spoken of a lost book of prophesies written by a Targaryen before they came to Westeros. So there are a few little eggs that George left in the books. If any are actually important, the answer is going to be in that gargantuan library.

Bran will bring down the wall

Something needs to bring down the wall, or the Night King cannot pass. Jon is between everyone else and the wall, and even if, say Dany, got up there I can't imagine it actually going down. It has to come from the other side. And, given that the Night King's mark on Bran's arm let them into the cave of the three-eyed-crow, it is likely that Bran crossing the wall will let him into Westeros too.

Tyrion will be revealed as the third head of the dragon

It's been really interesting seeing that pieces from the books that have been kept in the TV show. There are rumoured reveals to come that can never play out - be it due to character cuts or character deaths. And there are odd little bits of dialog that make it, like Tywin declaring to Tyrion "If I could prove you were not my son".

Tyrion dreams of dragons, his mother died in childbirth and the dragons didn't eat him. Tyrion's mother was Tywin's cousin, which covers him looking like Tywin. Aerys was also (according to the books) sexually obsessed with her. This is another one of those things where there is so much evidence in the books, and like Ned telling Jon "you have my blood" rather than "you are my son", it is all down to the phrasing used. Tywin can't prove it, but he does suspect something in my opinion, to say such a thing. Plus, I'd just love to see Dinklage on a dragon!

What are you hoping to see next season?

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