Travel Wishlist - Europe

Europe is great, I mean all those different cultures and histories in such a small geographical space, which is just fabulous. Friends of mine are about to go touring Europe on the trains and I am beyond jealous. I need to see more of Europe, and I definitely have a top list of places I need to visit.


Its on the list, and has been for ages but something has stopped me. I really want to stay in nhow hotel after seeing it on Travel Man (I love those Richard Ayoade travel programs) As well as the expected Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall and other historical places, I'm into the idea of cable bowling and Oktoberfest. Also blatantly the filming locations from Aeon Flux and Civil War, I'm nothing if not a film geek.

Seville (and Granada)

My grandparents used to live near Gibraltar, and when I was very little and we would visit, parents and my older cousins would go off to Seville and Granada for the day, leaving us young ones to run around like wild things under the watchful eye of the older generation. So, while I have spent what adds up to about a year in the area, I never made it to either, as by the time I was the age to want to go, everyone else was been there done that. I'd love to see the Alhambra, and the fab wooden mushroom sculptures in Seville. Plus, churros and chocolate, in fact just that, nothing in the world is better than fantastic churros and chocolate.


Bond, The Tourist and the Talented Mr Ripley - all films that made me swoon looking at the beauty of Venice. Again, I've been close but not quite there. I've been to Milan and the Lakes, Rome and Amalfi coast, but I've just not made it as far as the canals yet. I don't actually have a must see list except just to see it. Murano glass and gelato and glorious italian dinners. I'm a people watcher, so I guess I'd love to sip Bellini's at Harry's Bar and watch the crowds. I know that is going to likely require not eating for the rest of the holiday but it'd be worth it. Swooning at the thought.


This one I have been to before - for all of about 4 hours. So I've eaten steak frites in a traditional Paris cafe, I've been up the Eiffel tower, and I've seen the Champs Elysees . While I wouldn't feel the need to go back up the tower (though it might be nice) I would like to see the Moulin Rouge, the streets of Montmatre (too many times watching Amelie not to) and of course all the art and Versailles. All the patisserie wouldn't be too terrible either.


Controversial, not least because I am there all the damn time, but I would love to do London as a tourist properly. A few years back the husband and I spend a few days with my brother doing the tourist bit - we had nice lunches and saw a show and did some tourist stuff and had a bit of a holiday. At the time it was a cheap way of having a holiday without having a trip away, but it was great fun. So often we forget that we might be living close to somewhere great for a holiday - that we can have a break from real life by having a holiday in our home town. We do this a bit with Brighton, but I really want to do it in the big smoke again, so we might have to do it soon. Nothing quite like it - seeing all those places you'd normally go only when relatives are visiting, & eating out in all those places on you "one day" list. Hmmm.. might have to do a bit of plotting now come to think of it.

So this is my current wishlist, but as always a movie or travel blog or the like will often give me other ideas on where I've got to go and visit. How about you guys? Any places on your list's that aren't on mine?

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