Blogger cliches I don't fall into

The husband is obsessed with tropes and cliches in TV and film, and it's had me thinking for a while about all the blogging cliches, the expectations people have of what bloggers are. The thing is we aren't all like that, not in anyway pointing fingers at those who do. The thing is yeah, a lot of us share things in common but people, and therefore bloggers, come in all shapes and sizes. There's a few things I notice other bloggers go nuts over that I am very much ambivalent about. I might have a cat, way too much stationary, a Harry Potter obsession, and I might use more bath bombs than are healthy, but these... count me out.

Rose Gold

I'd say copper too, but I do actually have a copper coffee set I adore. Its heirloom and from Central America so I let myself off but really, what is the big deal? I guess I've seen the gold obsession, then white gold then platinum ("its more shiny!"?) so to me its just another fashionable metal phase. I know what looks good on me and I like and shiny pink isn't part of it.

Tum Tums

I love disney and pixar as much as any sane person does but collecting these stackable teddy bears is a little too beanie babies for me, I didn't see the point with the beanie babies and I don't now. I'm an adult I'd rather spend the money on holidays and cocktails.

Starbucks, especially Red Cups and Pumpkin Spice

I'll give you the cinnamon rolls but ITS A RED CUP OF REALLY BAD COFFEE. And that's before you put pumpkin spice in it! Sorry guys but for me its hazelnut latte all the way, and not from Starbucks.

Posting mostly blogging advice and sponsored content.

I'd bloody love some freebies don't get me wrong but most of what I write about I pay for - I can count the freebies I've gotten on one hand (dayjob related aside of course). Also blogging tips seems a bit too much like I know what the hell I am doing (I don't) and maybe I'm weird but I want to write, and sometimes all I feel I see from some people is how to get PR contacts and followers and up your numbers. It's just not about that for me.

Yankee Candles, Fairy Lights in the bedroom, Naked Palettes and Cactus'

I have a cat, but otherwise all these things have been jokingly said to me by friends that I can't be a real blogger I don't have X. Sorry I'd rather buy cheap candles from tiger, have lights on my Christmas tree, crazy colour on my face and hair and grow plants that won't try to make me bleed. It just isn't my bag people!

Reality TV Obsessing on Twitter

Bake off & The Apprentice etc are competitions, and if its on Discovery channel I don't count it, but X Factor, Big brother and all of those count me out. Which might sound a bit odd from someone who writes about their life online, but hear me out. Those shows are 99% people who want to be famous, and edited to be really exploitative. It's a caricature of life and I see way too many kids at work that just want to be, or for life to be, like that stuff they see on TV. It's not by any means real, its like watching a car crash in slow motion. Nope, just nope.

Are there things that people expect you to be into and like that really, you just don't get??

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